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So I'm on this dating site, perusing through the hundreds of pictures, bouncing from profile to profile. The one thing I notice, is the answer to the question 'FIRST DATE', is very often "Anything but Dinner and a Movie". Now I have a problem with that, because a relationship is like 85% dinner and a movie. What better way to find out if you like a person? Let me explain. I've been in a few serious relationships, like I'm sure most of you have, and sure, there are lots of things that happen within the span of courtship; Vacations, parties, festivals, etc. etc. All fun things you guys do together. But those are like once every other month right? The majority of the relationship is you guys eating a meal together and watching Television, Netflix, and or a movie. You ask a married person, hey what'd you and the wife get into over the weekend? "Oh we just relaxed, laid around the house, watched movies". Finally got a babysitter, gonna


I say good morning to her, she says good morning trouble, Yeah, that's the nick name that she gave me. And even though I know I could never properly love her, I still treat her like she's my lady. I'm a distraction to her, and I know that.... I should probably disappear. But it ain't that easy when you're attracted to her, Plus I just love it whenever she is near. She's the perfect woman for me and I know that, But sometimes perfect isn't what your heart wants. But right now it's impossible for me to go back, So being trouble is the only skill that I got. I ask her how her date was, as if I care, I mean I do, but she knows that I don't. Because I don't want any other man to be there, Even though I know that I won't. Selfish right? But what can I do? Troubling to think how I'm trouble to you. Late night I get a text from her, She asking me "where you at?" Funny how if you go looking for Trouble, Trouble


One week since I even got a text from her, Two weeks since I even got a call. Can't remember the last time I've seen her, But I believe it was back in the fall. Look how I fall, said I wouldn't fall, Nope I'm not gonna fall on this next trip. But when you're eyes lock on to mine, It's like I can feel my safety net slip. What is it about you I just can't shake? What is it about you these other girls can't fake? What is it about you, God what did you make? What is it about you that makes my heart ache? My heroine is like heroin, She's a drug that I can't kick. And every time I try to get off her love, My body breaks down and gets sick. But isn't it love? Didn't we love? I love you my love, From the very first moment I saw you, I said she's gonna be the one. And it's hard to believe I was wrong, And it's harder for me to move on, Cause when you're still in love with Robin, T


If a dude likes girls, he's straight....if a dude likes dudes, he's gay....If a dude decides he's a girl, and then dates guys...Is he straight or gay? If you a dude who becomes a girl to date a girl and you the butch dude/girl of the relationship...can that even be considered a change...cause you basically still a is confusing. Pretty soon we gonna be like the dinosaurs on Jurassic Park and be mixed with Amphibian DNA and just switch genders as we please.....every time I get pulled over or about to walk into a bar I'm switching to female.... #notickets and #freedrinks If I'm ever late on my rent I'll just suck a few dicks for some cash. All my boys would be like, "Dude, you're gay"! And I'd be like no way bruh, I was a female when I did that shit. Doesn't count. The only catch would be if you get pregnant you can't go back. I mean that would really take courage right? You'd have to be careful as a guy, you


So I finally joined Instagram,  Swore to God that I wouldn't do it, I know what it does to a man, And I said that I won't lose it, But I knew it, soon as I did it, And I do it, and I'm so livid, But these girls in all these photos, And they always posing half naked, I don't think that I could be a girl, Better yet, I couldn't be a lady, How you supposed to trust yo man, When these hoes are fucking crazy? And he liking every picture, In her DM like "hey baby" I know you probably gotta man, But your man ain't like me baby. So just keep me in your plans, When you hit my city maybe, We can get up on room, And go half up on a baby. And your relationship status don't matter, So don't let that make you feel safe. Cause it'll still come down choices, When she put it in his face. Choices. So many choices, there's so many choices, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, he's hearing way too many voices... He's got choi


Look at him, the man you wish you could have, Posting pictures of his kids, he's such a good dad. Loyal to the end, royalty of a man, He's the perfect lover, he's also ya best friend.  But what you don't know is the second phone that he has, The pay as you go one with minutes that he adds, Minutes for the side chicks that you don't know he bags All the hotel fees that he always pays in cash, And he brags, telling his boys about these freaks Saved their names in his phone in code, you gotta be discreet Don't call me too early, my wife ain't even sleep Secret social media pages, just for him to creep You thought you married Superman, Fell in love with the cape, But you ain't prepare for Clark Kent, In his glasses being fake. Another man in disguise, doing things that I despise, But these chicks ain't really no better, there's evil in they eyes Kryptonite between they thighs, pretty eyes and ugly lies, And she plays it so w


On Friday she was my baby, On Saturday she was like maybe, On Sunday we ain't even speak, On Monday everything crazy. Is it just me? Is it just me? I mean is it just me? But relationships die fast these days, Fall out of love faster than I can blink, Fall out of love before I finish this drink, Fall out of love before we even n'sync, Fall out of love faster than I can I think, Think of words needed to speak To remind you of what we could be. What it could it be? What did you see? Did something change? Did I skip I beat? Did I miss a post? Did I miss a tweet? I think we're a product of our generation, We want our love on Netflix simulation, Give me all your love right now, Binge loving there's no patience. Then it's on to next, What else is out, tell me what's next? I Tivo'd our relationship, so I can skip through all the mess. There's plenty of fish, But the sea is rotten, Forget to log in and your forgotten. So you bounce


Hello again, I know I said I wasn’t coming back. But again you have found your way in here, somehow you have gotten near, and even though I don’t have any fear, I still want you to disappear. Hello, here we are again, those same old feelings, knees getting weak, tongue tied to speak, dog in heat, damn you taste so sweet and look good enough to eat. But like some foods, you taste good going in, but oh so horrible coming out. You know what I’m talking about. Hello old friend, how the hell did you get in? I thought I tossed you out on your ass, because what you offer never seemed to last, and all I’m left with is good memories of a bad past. Who told you to walk back in, who told you to bring me a new friend, I told you to keep it moving. Hello my dear, back again to whisper sweet nothing’s in my ear. Hold me close through the nights, got me through all those bitter fights. My sweet dear lover, you do me like no other. Pain is love, and love is pain, no wonder why I love f


I can see the future, and I know that I can't win I saw it the moment we started, even though I can't see the end But I won't ever pretend, like this is something that's gon' work No this is something that's gon' hurt,  And I'm okay with pain, cause the pleasure validates the worth What I'm saying is your worth it, your smile is damn near perfect, Your love's the sweetest soil, and I'm trying to unearth it But this is mission impossible, loving you is impossible But I'll just keep on trying, knowing it's not possible Everything is stop and go, I should probably stop and go You want me then you stop and go, I'm holding on and letting go How wonderfully terrible, girl come on let's play some more Smile at me the way you do, you know I can't say no to you I wanna give you more and more and more until I smother you Wish I could find another you,  No singer on earth, could ever quite cover you

A SCENARIO (taking a leap)

              Of all the bad days I've had in my life, and there have been plenty, this one in particular, was bad. Although looking back on it now, I can't remember what made it so bad. I guess that's how it goes. It's bad up until that something good happens, and then you tend to forget the bad before. I was walking down the boardwalk on a summer night, I was alone, which made me stand out, even as I blended my way through the coupled up crowds. The sky was that shade of purple and orange, the kind of sunset that made you feel closer to the heavens.       I made my way up the pier to the very end, as if I needed to be as close to the edge as possible so that my physical surrounding matched my emotional mood. Standing alone amongst the waves, the whole world crashing and moving around me, and me standing still staring out into a future I had no way to reach. Yep, that was me. Drowning in an ocean of self pity and doubt.       "Beautiful isn't it"? 


I wanna fall in love like they do in the movies, Pretty young girl hanging on to the ledge. She was ready for it to end before she knew me, But I got there just in time before she went over the edge. The whole world is sinking all around me, But as long as we're together, we have a fighting chance. Ice water in our lungs and we're drowning, But we'll go down together, two lovers holding hands. I wanna fall in love like they do in the pictures, Just when I'd given up on the idea of falling in love, Your words to me are like the greatest scriptures, And I'm the thief in night trying to steal your heart. For the blues of you, you're my muse it's true, Poetry is the sound of the love we make. I tried to play cool, but I knew it was you A love so real, is too hard, to make fake. I wanna fall in love like they do on the screen, My heart stops as soon as I see you across the room. You and I girl, we make the perfect scene, Music starts


Unless you have been avoiding the news and or Facebook, Gay Marriage is now legal in the United States of America. And as a straight male, my thoughts are......FINALLY!!! Not because I care, because I'm tired of that shit in my face all time. But nope, can't move on, because everybody on earth, or at least in my timeline has to have an opinion and change their profile picture and what not smdh. I always say the most dangerous thing social media ever did, was give people a place to voice their opinion. Don't get me wrong, you have the right to have an opinion, but that doesn't mean you need to do so. What ever happen to not giving a f*ck? Yesterday somebody asked me, "Hey what do you think about gay people being able to get married"? My answer was simple, " I don't give a f*ck". No long speeches, no biblical references, just straight up out of f*cks to give. Why do we have to care about everything. It's exhausting...The police are shooti