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Late night and I barely can sleep, The past haunting me, cruising down memory street. Looking at the bed at the spot where she used to sleep, So lonely I catch myself sniffing the sheets... There it is, still got her scent on it, Love cost counting how much I spent on it, Facebook stalking, ah shit who this new n*gga, Forgot her love, she went found her a new n*gga. It ain't like you didn't even have a clue n*gga, Secretly hoping that at least he stay true with her. Regretfully feeling like you fucked up, And it's probably because you always stay fucked up. Out in the club taking shots getting fucked up, Walking out the door with some chick you just picked up. Ignoring her calls, deleting her text, You lost in the sauce, you in lust with her sex, Young man mistakes, becoming old news, Stuck in the same path, with these old shoes. 33 out acting like you 22 With a bad bitch find out she only 22, And feeling so high like you sitting on 22's Gotta be


I asked myself if I could go back in time where would I go? If I could somehow change my path knowing what I know. Would I tell myself play it safe, change my degree. Be an accountant that seems like something safe to be. Would I alter my dreams, based off the realities. Try to save loved one from fatalities Try to keep myself from taking casualties, Or maybe stop me from sex so casually. Let me know that its quality over quantity, Cause the numbers are like ghost forever haunting me I can travel back to my first love, tell her forget it and skip it cause I'm her worst love. I could save her some tears and wasted years, The children we never had and all our fears. I could be the one to save her heart, By erasing me from the story I never played a part. Maybe I could travel back to my early life, And convince my father not to leave his wife, I mean how would that change the man I am, More father son lessons on how to be a man Or maybe I could go and just sit