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2 faced.

I'm so two faced, I'm so two faced I'm a player and a lover and they both hate each other, one Dave wanna f*ck you, the other Dave wants to love her... so I'm telling her she's the only one, but I say the same to my other I'm so two faced, so damn two faced So when I say stay, I really mean go And when I say yes, I probably mean no And I got a feeling that she already knows, Cause I'm so two faced, oh so two faced you should leave me, please believe me and I'm so two faced, so very two faced, and I'm just playing, don't believe me. I'm spitting game she buying it, I'm so good at this lying shit, I don't even know the truth no more I'm so good at hiding it I can already tell, she gonna let me slide in it she believes what she wants to whenever she's riding it She text me, I don't text her back phone calls, ignoring that she wish she never gave it up I'm sorry there's no going back Cause I