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My mother is a preacher, Father is a heathen Maybe that's the reason I came out so even Believing in God but yet I'm still a sinner Devil all on back, and yet I'm still a winner A good kid that's gone all bad, Good Mom with a Gone Dad I was on the honor roll making A's and B's Until the day I found out you wasn't raising me Victim of a broken home, child of divorce It would be the split to knock me off course Daddy ain't home so now I'll act an ass Failing out of school, I ain''t going to class. How the hell you gonna get an F in gym Best athlete in the school go and check the gym But now there's no checking him Cops at the house they arresting him Mama forgive me, I'm just hurt I'm so lost I needed the attention, whatever it cost. Same reason now I'm afraid to have kids History repeats itself and I'll do the same sh*t My bad am I being to real for y'all Pulling out my heart to reveal to y'


A long time ago a young man fell in love, And he believed that love was everything he ever dreamed of, But then that dream he had turned into a nightmare, On the eve of the day she told em there was no love there, Lingering on the thoughts of all the questions he should've asked, Trapped in the failures of love scattered throughout his past, He convinced himself that for him, love wouldn't last And he would hide his heart, forever it would be masked. But it's useless to swear that you're letting go, Because until you're really ready you not letting go. So you fight and you fight and you fight just to keep her here, But you fighting a ghost cause she not really there, Holding on to the memories and fighting tears Going on dates just to make her disappear And when you fell to your most hopeless moment, You gotta call from her, saying she was home with, A little time that she could spare, A little time that she could share And you fell in love


The gyms across america are packed, the parks are full of people running, and the yoga classes seem a bit fuller......ahhhhh, summer is upon us once again. A staple of the summer fun is always a trip to the beach. But how much fun you have at the beach is determined by what you do prior to getting there. Preparation is key. Here are a few tips to make your beach day a blast. TAKE COVER: Thanks to the power of the internet there are so many options for finding what you need at a reasonable price. Having a cool tent not only provides a place for shade, but it's a central gathering place for your friends to lay back after running around in the water, and for the bachelors, it's a welcoming hut to the ladies you just met. While everybody else is overpaying for umbrellas you rent per hour, you can be like, "hey, why don't you kick it in our tent"? BE THE COOLEST: I remember the struggle of lugging beach chairs, your radio, toys, etc. through


The gyms across america are packed, the parks are full of people running, and the yoga classes seem a bit fuller......ahhhhh, summer is upon us once again. A staple of the summer fun is always a trip to the beach. Living in Los Angeles, beach life is a big part of my summer life, and you see all kinds of people in all different fashions. There are things I hate, and there are things I here is a few thoughts for the ladies to consider when getting beach ready. THE DO'S: KNOW YOUR FIT: When it comes to bikini's a lot of time I think that women believe "Less is More". But I can't agree with that. Just because there is more of you hanging out does not mean we find you more attractive. An ill fitting bikini is just as much a turn off as a girl who can't walk in high heels properly. It's a thin line between sexy and slutty, and those who know their fits are best equipped to walk this line with swagger and grace. THE ONE PIECE: The


The gyms across America are packed, the parks are full of people running, and the yoga classes seem a bit fuller......ahhhhh, summer is upon us once again. A staple of summer fun is always a trip to the beach. Living in Los Angeles, beach life is a big part of my summer life, and you see all kinds of people in all different fashions. There are things I hate, and there are things I here is a few thoughts for the fellas to consider when getting beach ready. THE DO'S: PLAID IT UP:    Depending on what you're beach plans are, I love plaid trunks. Because you can go from frolicking in the ocean waves, to throwing on your tank top and popping into a beach side bar for a drink or five. These are your multipurpose shorts for when you're up for whatever on a Sunday Funday. GIVE EM' SOME COLOR: As a guy it's hard not to get trapped in the mindset of solid colors and being incredibly plain. Don't be timid dude, stand out, shine. Color


I just wanna have a day to spoil you I just wanna just take the time to make sure you know you're royal I just wanna take my time and undress you I just wanna kiss every single spot that God blessed you and damn God blessed you damn you special (breathe) I just wanna wake up in her arms I just wanna show her that I'd never do her harm I just wanna show her that it's okay to love I just wanna prove that I'm the man she dreamed of and yes I dream, and you're my dream, like Jamie Foxx sing (breathe) I just wanna cruise down the highway I just wanna ride out listening to Sade' I just wanna have the top down wind blowing in her hair I just wanna have her here trying hard not stare rolling in her bathing suit wanna bathe with you I'd be bathing you (breathe) I just wanna her there when I get home I just wanna have her asking baby when you getting home I just wanna show up to house with flowers I just wanna go


I was watching a movie, the title escapes me…but I remember a line a woman had when talking to a man and referring to his penis….”I don’t know how you guys live with that thing between your legs”. What a great line and a genuine observation. Having a dick ain’t easy. I mean sure we can pee just about anywhere comfortably, but besides that, it can be really annoying. To provide more insight, Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man presents: " Being a Dick". int. apartment bedroom - day DAVID ANTHONY wakes up to the sound of his facebook messenger going off. DICK is also up due to what he calls, "Morning Wood". DICK Hey, hey, I see you up. DAVID ANTHONY I see you're up too. DICK Damn right I'm up. You know what we should do today? DAVID ANTHONY What's that Dick? DICK The same thing I tell you to do everyday. Try and get some ass. DAVID ANTHONY You know what Dick. I'm not in the mood for your shit today. I ha


She said she over falling in Love, She won't fall in love no more And it really broke my heart Cause she was only 24 When I asked for her explanation She just looked at me and laughed She said, you got a college degree So I know you can do all the math See every n*gga gotta main chick, But she come with a side chick Side chick gotta side kick And that's what he gon' ride with  A hopeless romantic stuck in an era of no love Dealing with commitment when they committed to no good Men talking bout the good girls are all gone And all that's left is these hoes and thots Well they created this evil themselves By their ways and their poisonous thoughts I paused for a minute, yeah she caught me off guard See the truth it can hurt, and it was hitting me hard I know, I know, see I've been there before I was all in the club, chasing all of the hoes But in the back of my mind I'm still a hopeless romantic Still looking for love, but being trapped


Have you ever been outside on a summers day and caught a sun-shower.... This is the purest reflection of life It's the mixture of sun and rain like the pleasure and the pain The beautiful struggle of the pursuing the life I realize that this moment reflects me the best Because when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful mess The sun is, when it's the funnest, me and my runners Flying through the city posting pictures for the world to see But you never saw the rain and the pain When I get home and I'm alone as can be. Or a single mother, losing her lover, Raising them kids all on her own Never home she working hard as can be But when she gets a day off, The hard work creates a pay off Holding her child in her arms always setting her free. The sun is feeding the flowers just like rain is But what's insane is, how they're viewed so differently Because in order to grow, to reap what you sow The pain amplifies the pleasure to the hundredth degre


One of the sweetest things to hear and the hardest things to say Is saying that I miss you, because it means you've went away Saying that I miss you meaning I wish that you could stay Knowing that I miss you, means I've missed another day. I miss you, that there is an issue,  Right there is some tissue, each tear is a missile, she killing me Tell me are you feeling me, with out even feeling me Can you get the real of me, can you see the realer me Can it be reality, or is this fatality, Body blows with every emoji that winks and smiles at me Trying not to kill the messenger, she killing me on messenger Waking up to the sound of the ring all on my messenger I'll return the favor my queen, like I owe a debt to ya' Coldest winters in New York, I know every brother sweatin' her Regularly I'm Skyping her, my older brother hyping her, My momma even liking her, boys saying there's a wife in her And I miss you, hate saying I miss you, That there


As I continue to indulge in my E-bay shopping sickness, I have become completely fascinated with bags for men. And much like when you buy a new car, and then you see the same car everywhere, when I got my bag, I started to notice just how many men out there were in the bag game also. But when shopping for a bag, you have to understand what kind of bag man you are. I have found there are really 3 types: THE COMPUTER GUY: The computer guy is all about functionality. With large bulky bags carrying tons of items inside, the computer guy usually needs a bag that is durable as he is traveling from place to face handling jobs.  THE ARCHAEOLOGIST: The Archaeologist guy is a bit more fashion conscience, but he's the type of guy who wants to look good, but still wants you to know he's cool about it and it's not a big deal. You're an in the field kind of guy, an architect or a journalist chasing a story. Canvas bags are usually large for all your papers to


SPRING: Purple leaves on twisting trees line the quiet streets, The dewy air of the country side puts my mind at ease She's right here, by my side, it's early and still she sleeps, The sound of the road mimics my heart the pavement steadily beats Orange skies and yellow birds bring my love awake A lovers smile is a thousand words no artist could ever paint. SUMMER: Summer sunsets blaze the sky and burns it radiant glow, As cooler breezes move through the night, at sight of moon’s first show Palm trees dancing in the wind, the water reflects the sky As stars dance in the endless pool, bidding the sun goodnight. The clouds look soft as pillows on which the angels sleep. The sand shall be our bed tonight our clothes to make our sheets. FALL: The stars are out tonight, as I gaze up towards the sky, And I wonder if you are out there, staring into the night... I wonder if I'm on your mind, though I doubt that I