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More than 15 years have past and we both went on living our lives, Yet she's still one of my favorite past times, and she remains on the list top five. She's the type of girl you meet when you're too young, and there's still a lot of living to do And there's still so much to learn & you're too dumb. so you move on not realizing what you'd lose. I would try to be faithful, but I could never say no to her, So every time I would return home, I'd go running straight back to her. I would tell her you got me, baby you got me, baby you caught me, She would shake her head and disagree, cause when you leave you will have forgot me. And she was right of course, cause as soon as I'd leave I head right off course. And find myself with my new girl, the one my family loved the most. The one you go to meet Mom with, the one you go to the Prom with, The first girl you ever tell you love, the first girl you ever make love with. That kind of love sti


Liquid courage pushed us further into deeper conversations, We talking bout' love and our past situations. The love and the hating, and how we hate dating, Except how we love when we got em' all hating. Facebook notifications, Saying that you are now in relations, And all your side chicks and old flicks. Slide in your inbox with fake congratulations. That standard L.A. sh*t, Sorry I'm busy and show up all late sh*t, Or more likely flake sh*t, Text them and not get a text back for a couple of days sh*t. Ain't nobody got time for that, Ain't nobody trying to hit you back, That's when we order a couple more shots, And knocked em both down going back to back. Patron mixed with emotions, That seems to be the popular potion, Now you all lost in your feelings, Alcohol got you both open. What is love? What does it mean to you? Have you thought about it? Do you dream it too? Could your dreams come true? Does she dream of you? Dreams turn into nig


She said that she loved him,  But she wasn't in love with him anymore. There's a difference between the two feelings, One that she could no longer ignore. She said she had to move on, She had dreams she needed to go chase, He was just trying to hold on, As the tears flowed down his face. "Did I do something wrong", he asked? "Was my love not all that you needed"? "Maybe she found someone else", he thought? Could that have been the reason? Nonetheless she packed her bags and left, Months went by without one word. Until one day he received a post card, His heart stopped, he knew it was her. It said how much she missed him, And how she wished that they could talk, She understands why he took his position, When she packed her bags and walked. But she was hoping when she got back, They could at least spend a little time. He could already feel his heart crack, But he wanted to appear as if he was fine. So they decided to have


Once upon a time there was a man living his life, And he wondered the earth in search of his wife, He was hoping and hoping that he would soon find love, And be with the woman he constantly dreamed of... After years of never finding the love that he seeked, It appeared his luck had changed, because he had now found three. This situation was lucky he thought, this has to be so rare, But not as lucky as hoped it to be, poor David and his three bears. The first bear the prettiest thing he'd ever seen, She had a smile so perfect she could be in a magazine Her eyes were so pretty, damn they were so pretty, She'd walk the streets and stop all the traffic in the city, But it's hard to fall in love when nobody wants to fall, And you in two different places, she's summer, and he's fall. So no matter how much you talk you always in different seasons, And it all falls apart even though they have different reasons. And he wants to say something, he wants to t