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There are lots of us out there searching for love. We go to parties and listen to other couples tell their “how we met” story, and we wonder what our story will be like. Well one of the key ingredients of any how we met story, is “where we met”. The cliche, “looking for love in all the wrong places”, is a cliche for a reason. Guys, we are simply looking in the wrong places, so here are few tips for where and where not to search for that special someone. Vacation: Although being swept away by some beauty you met on an exotic beach on a tropical island is an exciting and spectacular occurrence, it’s rarely the beginning of a love story. Because like your love fling, vacations end. If you live in New York and you met someone wonderful in Miami, even though the time you guys shared was awesome, eventually you are going back home. And the brutal struggle of a long distance relationship usually just leaves both parties bitter. Enjoy your vacation, and


                So you did it. You’ve had sex, congratulations. No matter how you made it happen, alcohol, drugs, lies, or possibly even being a truthful and charming gentleman, no great night of sex is complete until you have survived the “After Sex”.  Like a great gymnast on the balance beam, you have been graceful, displaying balance and power. But now it is time for the moment you will be most remembered for, the dismount. Here are three great tips to avoid that awkward moment of silence and poorly chosen lies.         Plant your story ahead of time:  Mention the things you have to do the next day so that she knows your schedule. But be careful not to make it seem as if you already are planning to get her in bed.   It also needs to be a task that she in no way will want to help out or hang around for. Example:   “ I am helping a friend move tomorrow, I don’t want to, but he helped me out a few months back, so I owe him”. ·          Leave with her: I know that the ideal