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He text me "f*ck these b*tches, I text him back "I know" He said he on Instagram And he tired of all these hoes. I said you can always unfollow, The internet's top models, They not the ones you wanna wife, They not keepers they only to borrow. Why even go out and try to find a girl, When they all got the same mentality? I told him Instagram is a fantasy, For dudes who can't deal with reality. I said everything is so damn fake these days, Honestly I don't think I can deal. Dudes being chicks, and chicks being dudes, Fake ass fake breasts what's real? I would tell you to hang in a library, But I don't know if anybody reads Can't trust dating apps too scary, Cause it's never as good as it seems. Everybody gets to be famous Everybody gets to have fans Everybody knows what your name is, Everybody gets to be the man. He said he feels like he was born in the wrong era I ask which one should you be in? He says he not


There's a black cloud surrounding The Oscars (pun intended) this year over the lack of diversity in it's nominees. Not sure why this is just happening as the Oscars have been lacking diversity oh I don't know, like every year of its existence? But I feel like the general public and even black celebrities are looking at this the wrong way and or not really seeing the true problems. So I'm taking time out of my busy day to illuminate the real problems that need to be addressed with the Oscars and Hollywood in regards to diversity.  The Selection Committee: "Oscar voters are nearly 94% Caucasian and 77% male, The Times found. Blacks are about 2% of the academy, and Latinos are less than 2% and Oscar voters have a median age of 62". * L.A. TIMES That's an overwhelmingly large portion of the decision makers. And it's not that I am calling these people racist, not the case. But it is common that white people will like and relate more to f


I woke up that morning with a smile on my face. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and she was there. I had almost believed it to be a dream, the night before. I slept with little patience wanting the first light of day to come, and render true the evenings passion. She lay there, sunlight glowing on her skin, the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Hair tossed across her face, eyes closed, lips puckered, and just a touch of her shoulder showing. I had that feeling, that warm tingly, butterflies in the stomach feeling, that this was real. She draped her thigh across my legs and my body shivered. Is there any greater moment of sensuality than a warmth of a women's naked thigh wrapping around you? I pulled her close to me so that her head could lay on my chest. It was so seamless that she didn't even open her eyes, she just continued to rest. I breathed her in, the smell of cocoa butter filled my nostrils and brought pleasure to my senses as I kissed her forehead. I begged for t


I see a ring on her finger, my mind starts to linger, Clicking through her photos going down memory lane. Honestly I'm happy for her, I hope that he adores her, But yet and still I can't keep the past from haunting my brain. I remember when I met her, I was working on my letters, Junior year coming and Varsity football right on the brink, It was the last days of summer, me and my partners, Friday nights used to pop, up at the skating rink. She was light skin, slight thin, with golden brown hair, Tight jeans and Timbs, thinking what's going on here? My boy knew her home girl, yeah he already the plug, So I skated into heart, talking baby what's up? Soon as she smiled I was done, yeah I knew I was done, Couple skating to 112, yeah cupid had won. Plans to meet up at the movies, mom can I get a ride? Your parents ain't know I was coming, so we had to meet inside. Heavy make out sessions in the back row of the place, We not even watching the movie, to


I woke up in a very familiar place, to a very familiar sound, and a very familiar feeling. Lying drunk on the floor, the chirping of the morning brewing through the screen door of the patio, thinking what did I do last night, and more importantly, what did I not do? We danced, we drank, we talked, we lied, we were too honest, we lived. We traveled the world in one night through conversation. I learned of her past by touching her skin as we grinded on the hot dance floor to best of 2015 hits. What a time, to be alive. And alive we were. Reaching a level of confidence that only a solid day of drinking can provide, we waged our way through the crowds, hormones on high and eyes focused on the hunt. We wanted bad chicks, we wanted the sexy of the sexy and we would settle for nothing less. We were out for the ultimate of highs, a drug that you couldn't just take, but you had to go experience. The drug of the night, the lights flashing, the people chatting, the drinks flowing, the girl