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Out of the last 10 girls that I have previously dated, 9 fell off and their memory has since faded. 8 of the women that I used to be with, I was just happy to be seen with. 7 of the ten was strictly about the sex, And out of the 7 I only cared about 6. 5 of those girls gotta chance to see the real, But only 4 of them stayed, the others couldn’t deal 1 of the 4 was still in love with her X man, So how could she fall in love with the next man? She tried to hide the emotion, didn’t want to let it show, But that love is hard to hide, so go back to what you know. So now that brings me down to 3 girls, 3 special women I allow into my world. Number 3 was a bad one, sex full of passion, Physical love is good, but it’s rarely everlasting. Number 2 was my everything, Her love had me at the mall looking at wedding rings, Even told my mother, said “she could be the one” She just smiled at me and said, “Have patience son”. A mother’s wisdom, I’m glad I li


Well if our love is just a moment, I'll purchase ever second just to say that I have owned it, And in that thought, I pray that you never loaned it. Your heart's my responsibility, so i take the onus, And it's all on us, To protect our moments from the world because they all up on us. Jealous of our love because they can’t repeat our performance. Bitter memories of sweet times, If I could stay sleep I’d be fine, Because my dreams are always of you, Being awake is nightmare I wish I could undo, But if I have to give up my love for your dreams Then you can dance on my heart until your feet bleed. Because what you love, is what I love about you, And to deny you your love, no I’m not about to. All I ask is that you remember me, All the nights I kissed you tenderly, You were such a good friend to me, That’s why I pray the day you return to me.