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Work and Play: Drawing the line at your office

Monday through Friday for 40 hours or more most of the corporate world are trapped in an office, at a desk, in a cubicle, working. During this time, it is very common to develop strong working relationships with the people you interact with on a daily basis. Often those working relationship can spill to life outside of the office, and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, one must be cautious of these interactions and follow some key rules.  "Never go full retard" - A quote from one of my favorite comedies, "Tropic Thunder"; Be yourself, but not so much of yourself you cross "politically correct" barriers. These can consist of telling racist jokes, being sexist, or inappropriate.  "Drink, but not to get Drunk" - If at an office it's okay to drink, but do so in moderation. A drunken fool is one thing, but a drunken fool who loses all of his peers respect, is entirely different. Being at office functions and letting loose of the r

That's a horrible thing to say!

So I can be known to say some pretty horrible things....and it's not that I am a horrible person, but rather I feel there are things to be said that most people won't say out of politeness or wanting to be politically correct. But luckily for me, I don't give a sh*t about any of that! So here are some horrible things I've said lately. Enjoy! In response to the question:  why is it the nicer a man treats a woman, the less she respects him? Also why do I have to raise my voice to get her to listen? You can't treat her nice right away got to start off shitty. because women love to believe they training they you gotta let her believe she teaching you be bad at first and gradually get better so you can say silly shit to her like..."you made me a better man", and then when you done smashing...just run away..... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *In response to the question:   " What's better, good conversation or Good Sex"

Let’s Get Physical

            Ladies, here’s a well known fact. Men like sports. Shocking right? But instead of looking at this as a negative, change it to a positive.  Every guy has dated at least one girl who made him feel like crap for wanting to watch the game. It’s not a good feeling. But guess what, your evil stares will not dampen the fire we hold for our beloved games. So here are three great ways to use our love of sports to your advantage and get and or keep that special guy. Horse: For those of you who don’t know the game of horse, it’s a simple basketball game that can be played by two or more people in which… wait a minute, if you don’t know the game horse…Google it. Now then, the best thing about Horse is it does not require a great deal of athleticism and it’s a good opportunity to use a game he loves to spend time together. Beer Pong: Okay, technically this isn't a sport. But it should be. There have been plenty of times I have been to a


There are lots of us out there searching for love. We go to parties and listen to other couples tell their “how we met” story, and we wonder what our story will be like. Well one of the key ingredients of any how we met story, is “where we met”. The cliche, “looking for love in all the wrong places”, is a cliche for a reason. Guys, we are simply looking in the wrong places, so here are few tips for where and where not to search for that special someone. Vacation: Although being swept away by some beauty you met on an exotic beach on a tropical island is an exciting and spectacular occurrence, it’s rarely the beginning of a love story. Because like your love fling, vacations end. If you live in New York and you met someone wonderful in Miami, even though the time you guys shared was awesome, eventually you are going back home. And the brutal struggle of a long distance relationship usually just leaves both parties bitter. Enjoy your vacation, and


                So you did it. You’ve had sex, congratulations. No matter how you made it happen, alcohol, drugs, lies, or possibly even being a truthful and charming gentleman, no great night of sex is complete until you have survived the “After Sex”.  Like a great gymnast on the balance beam, you have been graceful, displaying balance and power. But now it is time for the moment you will be most remembered for, the dismount. Here are three great tips to avoid that awkward moment of silence and poorly chosen lies.         Plant your story ahead of time:  Mention the things you have to do the next day so that she knows your schedule. But be careful not to make it seem as if you already are planning to get her in bed.   It also needs to be a task that she in no way will want to help out or hang around for. Example:   “ I am helping a friend move tomorrow, I don’t want to, but he helped me out a few months back, so I owe him”. ·          Leave with her: I know that the ideal


We’re just two familiar strangers, With a distant love, there’s always a present danger And they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, But I’m not trying to keep you away any longer. Friendly text messages and phone calls just won’t cut it, If you could be inside of my mind when I’m playing “what if” Like what if you hopped on a plane late in the night, And I could wake up to your smile in the morning light. Or What If I showed up at your door right out of the blue, And I opened up the doors, to my brand new spaceship coupe. What if we hopped inside and we took off to the moon, What if I’m saying this too late, what if I’m saying this too soon? What if its infatuation and eventually it fades What if we only have this moment and we keep throwing away our days What if I stop with the what’s if and the worries and the fears, All we have is today, and that day we have is here. But how could I be there, when I’m alwa


            We’ve all been there; you meet this amazing girl, she’s smart, funny, beautiful, I mean she’s just amazing, and you guys really hit it off. So what’s the problem? Oh that’s right…you live 3,000 miles apart. With modern technology making it possible to meet people over a multitude of social platforms, you don’t need to book a flight to have a conversation with someone in a different country as you. Travel is at the click of a mouse. Problem is, that a virtual relationship, no matter how great, can never be as great as a physical relationship. Because while you are sending her sweet messages, there’s a few “wolves” at the bar, waiting to prey on your precious sweet heart. So the question then becomes, how do you stand out, when you can’t stand by her? ·        Communication: Conquering long distance cannot be done without good and consistent communication. You need to have a mean talk game, because that’s all you really have. Working out a plan for who is calling who,

Being Morpheus

Seen a mother in the park, she’s playing with her son So many in the world, I wonder if he’s the one… I would gladly spend my life, just looking for the Neo Let me consult Oracle, looking for our hero. Just to be a part of the trinity, Teach him how to him fly, defeat all his enemies Put him through the courses; tell him to be cautious, Believe in yourself, and use all your forces. You know where the source is, head to the light And everything that’s wrong you can make right. Welcome to your life, now you really living, A child is reborn, new breath has been given. Is it hope, is it faith, or is it religion What makes us to believe that it can ever be different? This is my position, and this is where I stand City of Zion , last of the holy land. In a world of no heroes, and I think I know why, You see the hero never lives, the hero gotta die… And on the road to death, is hate and persecution, You get spit on and stoned on your way to execution

3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home

3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home Post on February 20, 2013 by Brolog tagged:  advice ,  Brolog ,  brolog truth ,  dating ,  Gentlemen ,  getting laid ,  men and women , pick-up ,  relationship ,  sex ,  The Brolog I was out Saturday night with a good friend of mine, we passed by some college-aged guys and over heard one of them say, “We gotta get some girls back to the crib”. I laughed inside as I watched them walk away.  Their comment was ridiculous for two reasons:  1)  they were wearing those ridiculous skinny jeans that sag in the back, and  2)  I used to be just like them.  It reminded me of my college days and my old apartment with my roommate. This came to mind while looking at some old photographs from my college days. Boys have cribs; men have homes.  There comes a time when every Bro needs to grow up. Here are 3 top tips to help you turn your crib into a respectable home. 1) Silverware and Dinnerware:  The plastic forks, two plates, and beer mugs


Happy Freaking Valentine’s Day Red roses, heart-shaped chocolate, loving cards, diamonds, and the list goes on forever. What is with Valentine’s Day? Seriously. I for one believe it is one of the most commercialized holidays created by a conglomerate of several massive corporations. Hallmark, Hershey, and diamond importers are a few of the suspects. That’s right; I’m on to your scam ladies. Unfortunately I have not found a successful way to avoid this dreaded love day. I have attempted many excuses, as I am sure my fellow colleagues have as well. “I don’t need a holiday to show you how much I love you baby”. “I show you how much I love you 365 days out the year dear”. Valentine’s is a commercial holiday and the media has brainwashed you into thinking that we should spend money on meaningless material goods to prove our love”. That last one didn’t go over so well. The most disgusting part of Valentine’s Day is the denial by women that it’s not about the money. You know, the


They say good things come to those who wait, But I swear I been waiting the longest, Life is a workout, and I stay lifting weights But I’m still not feeling the strongest I cried a river, now I’m drowning in the world Had my heart on a sleeve, and gave my sleeves to a girl We break up to make up, wake up, no make- up, Say hello to the real you, As I go deep inside, exploring your eyes Baby girl now I feel you. What good is love, if it only precedes hate, It’s all just a drug, and you never rehabilitate And it’s funny, when I’m at my worse, My words are the best, the gift and the curse. So here you go world, take it or leave it Here’s my heart girl, take it if you need it, You already got my rib Eve, so what else could you need. I smoke you in until my lungs bleed I would run to your love with the sun’s speed But eventually the sun sets Tell me love are we done yet, Cause you go down , then come back up Let’s move on, no let’s back


When it hits, it just hits, it’s usually unexpected. You work so hard to keep your heart protected. Building up walls, having gates erected. All of this due to the times you were neglected. Past failed times, where your love was rejected Love is a drug and the needle you’ve injected, The fear and the doubt of never being accepted Haunted by the times when you felt disrespected Cupid’s arrow always seems to be misdirected I guess in that case, the end should be expected Tears flowing from your eyes as your pain gets ejected Love is a skill that can never be perfected

Throw your Hood Up: An evening with the Ratchets

As my roommate and I stepped out of the door at a quarter to 11pm. I was concerned with where the night would go. We had a good buzz going from sitting at home and watching the clipper game, so we were ready to step out and mingle. Inside the club we get drinks, we make the rounds, looking for any possible signs of interaction with the ladies. Very standard guy stuff. Our first interaction occured approximately at 12:34a.m. when a young lady approached me and introduced herself. This is not a rare occurrence as I get approached often. Now that is not me bragging, but I honestly think people can sense how shy I am in these situations. I think it's got worse with age, because I used to be pretty good at taking the first step. But I digress. She approaches me and engages in your standard introductory conversation and she introduces me to her friend, who honestly I am more attracted to and my first thought was she was coming to introduce me to her. As she talks to me her friend mov


First comes love, then comes marriage Then comes the baby in the baby carriage, Then comes the lies, here comes the deceit, There goes the trust, the lust for the sheets There goes the loyalty, there goes the honor, Now you in a court room, there goes your Honor There goes the child support, along with the Alimony I guess this is the end of our Holy Matrimony Sitting here watching Bad Girls Club, I can understand why they never get love, Basketball wives turn into basketball exes, Trading in your love for some shoes and a necklace. Where did the good girls go? No really, please tell me where you at? Don’t let the media influence you, Cause real men aint really looking for that… Where are all my educated ladies? Who know more than just riding in Mercedez. Where are all my sophisticated divas? The one’s who see more than just a Beamer. I know I'm such a dreamer, And yes I’m still a believer, And they say love is blind, Is that why I

Attention to Detail

When going out for the night, the dating scene must be treated as war. The club is a battleground, and the most prepared soldier will come out of it completing his mission; getting a girl. But to do this, you need to be focused. It’s all in the details. 1. Know your layout: A good soldier knows his surroundings. Be aware of all things happening around you. 2. Know your competition: Most guys walk into a bar and scope out the ladies, but that’s only half the work. You need to scope out the guys too. Be honest with yourself as to where you rank in the scale of things. Don’t waste your time talking to a 10 when there are plenty of more acceptable 8’s out there. 3. Plan your attack: Once you have acquired a target, develop your game plan. Do not proceed with the generic lines. “You are pretty.” “You’re fine.” These are things she probably knows and has heard five times already. Key in on some details. Girls spend a lot of time getting themselves ready, so be specific about what you like, t
How to Structure Your Pick-up Game Like A Job Interview Post on December 10, 2012 by Brolog tagged:  advice ,  Brolog ,  brolog truth ,  dating ,  pick-up ,  relationship ,  The Brolog   Every man has his strengths and weaknesses; this can’t be truer then when it comes to picking up the ladies. After a great discussion with some fine gentlemen, it became clear that help was needed. You see, meeting a woman and getting her to be interested in you is just like telling a good story, and in any story, the basic structure is:  Introduction, Body, & Conclusion. Introduction:  This is much more your look than your words. You would be surprised how much a woman has already decided about you before you even speak. Body language and non-verbal communication must not be ignored. The way you stand, your smile, all these things are important. Your appearance is the introduction into the story of you. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are. First step, dress to impress, dress