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I remember when I was younger, before Ipods were really popular and you didn't have music in your phone, making CD's was the thing to do. I had a CD for every situation. Party CD, sex CD, work out CD.....but one of my favorites would have to be my "Chilling with my Bitch" CD. A CD most guys make when they meet that girl they really like and maybe she's coming over to kick it or you are going out on a date. So here are my top 5 songs for when I'm spending the day with Bae. #5 T.I. " Chilling with my Bitch" - the ultimate hip hop dream to be riding down Rodeo Drive or 5th ave in a luxury car with the finest woman ever.  So whenever I was out with a real bad one I liked, this is a natural high type of song to play. #4 USHER "Bad Girl" - Confessions was a classic album, and bad girl was another of many hits on the playlist. It seemed all the bad girls knew to dance when this song came on, and there ain't nothing like having you


"Google Images" Breaking up is hard to do...but it happens....and there may be no greater joy than seeing you ex later on and them having to see you shining and succeeding. So here are the top 5 songs to stunt on your ex too.  #5: Mike Jones- Back Then         Mike Jones song might have been a one hit wonder type of deal, but what a great hit. For all you chicks out there clowning him when he down...just remember he may grow up to be somebody. #4: Eamon - Fu*k It       You can just feel the anger in this one. The heart ache. A song you have to sing out loud for sure. #3: Trey Songz - Unfortunate       A personal favorite and yet probably a less known song....but for anybody who's been trying to pick themselves back up...this is a good one. #2: Drake - How about now       Although a new song, it's already near t


Looking in her eyes, drowning in her smile Trying not to fall too far, cause I know in a little while She'll be talking about her next move, Never staying too long, she already plotting her next move Chill out heart let's not get too carried away, You know the deal, and just how she feel, she'll never stay Nomadic lifestyle, always on go,  Leave her clothes in boxes cause honestly she never know, when it'll be that time, she gotta leave Taking the air with her each time, I can't breathe. And you think she doesn't love you,  but you know she really does But the truth is love ain't everything you dreamed up Wrap my arms around her waist every time we go to sleep, Scared that when I wake up I realize it was a dream. Bottles of wine and 90's R&B station, Good food and even better conversation Lots of smiles lots of laughs, But even now I know it shall pass, Back of my mind I know it won't last Impossible to see the future when


Jennifer Lawrence (Patrick Demarchelier exclusively for Vanity Fair) So as most people know by now, Jennifer Lawrence along with many other celebrities have had their personal photos hacked and posted online for the world to see. These leaked nudes have been a part of a planned cyber attack on popular celebrities, Lawrence probably being the biggest star as of yet to be hacked. In the newest issue of Vanity Fair Jennifer refers to her nude photos being released as "A Sex Crime". Ironically enough, she's basically naked on the cover of the magazine.  Now I'm not saying what happened wasn't bad. I'm not saying it wasn't a crime, and the person responsible should be punished accordingly....what I am saying is...Who Cares? Or better yet, shut up already. Yeah, that's more in line with what I want to say. Shut up already. You're a celebrity actress, so at some point you were gonna get naked for the world anyway. If anything she's upset because