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Boy walks into a room and he sees a pretty girl, She don't know it, but he about to change her world. What's your name and where you from, this is what he asks? She smiles, reaches out her hand, she has him in her grasp. Conversations lead to deeper revelations, She all caught up now,  as she stares deep in his eyes, Full words turn into common abbreviations, She feeling so overwhelmed that she opens her thighs She says, I never been with a man that's as nice as you. He replies, you bring out the better in me. Heart beating so heavy, I think I'd die for you... Being everything for her he was so ready to be... She was his ride or die, that was her position to play, Dinner on the table after a hell of a day But the world is cold and love gets old but you gotta try, He don't come home as much he staying out late at night. Where you been, who you with, she all up in his space.. You don't trust me, you don't love me, lies on his face. They fi


I was recently in a McDonald's and posted a picture via Facebook of a poor excuse of a burger McDonald's serviced me. This was not the first time I found myself angry about my experience at McDonald's....and so I found it time to share some of my complaints with the world, in hopes you too, share my frustrations. Here are a few of the things that really grind my gears when going to McDonald's. PEOPLE WHO ORDER SUPER SLOW:        Have you never been in a McDonald's before? Wtf is your problem? Why are you searching the menu as if you are searching for Waldo? Let me give you some help....they serve BURGERS! Pick a damn burger already. Why do you have so many questions??? They put the pictures up there to help your stupid ass make a selection. You need to come back during slow hours and ask those questions so that tomorrow at lunch your ready to go. NO HABLO INGLES:         Look, I understand everybody needs a job. I get it. But why in the hell do you have