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Wake up in the morning hungover as fuck. Where am I at? Who am I with? Who is this chick? Damn she is thick. I hope that I hit, I can't remember shit. Where are my shades? Where is my phone? What time is it? I should get home. Flashbacks of last night race through my head. As I stumble to put my jeans on, Damn I'm still drunk as hell, I need something to lean on. I need to slow down, I'm out of control. But that's when I'm at best though. Cause when I show up the party goes up And they need me at my best, so Pour shots, four shots, Excuse me miss we need more shots, Good lord girl you thick as hell, Is that real or is that ass shots? Getting tagged in pictures I don't remember taking. Text messages to girls I don't remember meeting. Asking me what are we doing this evening? Treating Monday like it's part of the weekend. Like how much longer can I live this life? How much longer can I live these nights? I'm feeling like I ow


Donald Trump is a polarizing I don't know any of his politics... I know he has no or little political background...has little knowledge of the inner workings...but yet he's qualified to be president? I love when people say...he's a smart business man and he's a straight shooter...oh word...that's the qualifications to be president? and speaks his mind....I say real sh*t I'm half way ready to be president? His slogan, Make America Great, that I like....but what the f*ck does that mean? Like how are you planning on doing that? Building a wall and kicking out Muslims? Like once we do that, is the poverty rate supposed to fall? Will our economy boom? Here is what I do know and or can form a healthy opinion on by studying "The Donald". The man is an arrogant sociopath. We are talking about a guy who names all his real estate property after himself lol. He's an ugly Tony Stark but not as cool and no I


My heart and my head rarely walk hand in hand, As if my head lives in the city and my heart's laying in the sand. And L.A. has too much traffic so I can't do the back and forth, My heart says settle down but my head keeps me on course. Let's agree to disagree, let me be and I'll let you be. All you give us is regret you been wrong since 23. Remember the pretty girl that you swore was gon' hold you down? Well she did, but under water, love damn near made us drown. But I got us back on course, use your head and try to focus, Keep putting pen to paper, put the whole world on notice. Yeah I know this, the flow is dopeness, but it pumps from my heart, So while you're trying to keep us focused, I stay doing my part. And all ask is where's the love, you know I run off the love? Without me you can't function, I give you all the blood. Hold up now, you tripping, you know how you always sipping, Stay singing drunk and love, you been making bad de


I could call and say I'm sorry, That's my bad, I was wrong. I apologize for my part in it, And I hate that it took this long. But I'm sorry I ain't sorry, Ran straight out of f*cks to give, I apologized so many times, That my apologies tired as sh*t. Cause you know what you did, And you know the lies you told, Let you rest at where I live, And you let him send that rose. Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice nah never, So if you waiting on that apology, Your ass gonna be waiting forever And I know you just like me, So we're both stubborn as hell So you holding your position, And I'm holding mine as well. So if we never speak again, If we never reunite, If we can't find that love again, If we can't climb into the light. If you not missing what we had, If I never meant all that, And you'll never stop being mad, And you don't plan to call me back, If it takes for me to give in, So that we can get love back on tra


I can't even explain how much you be on my mind, You probably think it's never cause I never give you time, And I never have the time, that's me usually lying, Cause I'm lying in the bed next to some chick and I'm lying. Talking bout all the places to see, all the things we can do, Knowing that all of these things I'd rather be doing with you. But she ain't hit me up so I ain't hitting her up neither, It's like I need you to give me purpose, feeling like Justin Bieber. Staring at your number in my phone like I might delete her, But I might get drunk and lonely and I'll know I need her. Missed call, missed call, I see them but I'm sorry, It's summer time in Cali' and I'm somewhere at the after party, We're we supposed to Skype today? Damn was that today? But I'm passed out on the couch because I drank the night away. And just when you get too far away where you try and leave me, I reel you back in with good


He sat his well tailored suit and Italian leather shoes sipping the whiskey neat he had ordered not too long ago. The blood red leather seats and mahogany wood floors of the bar suggested an air of elegance and sophistication. The darkened lighting and flickering candles spelled out the hell like sexiness of the room and it's patrons. Sinners dwell here, the good kind so to speak. He surveyed the room and all those moving around him, but he was lost, as he had a good much on his mind. "You should be married, you're such a good man"... The words of his mother ringing in his ear. "Good". He thought. "What is good"? "A good son perhaps, but a man"? No he was not good, this was no place for the good. But perhaps, he thought, perhaps he could be that man. It was not as if he didn't think of it, dream of it, pray for it....but alas it had not. But he could not feel sorry for himself, for he was innocent and guilty at the same


She was the type of girl to play games and she played them well, And if you fell in love with her, well then you played yourself. She grew up always hearing how men are dogs and they ain't shit, So you gotta play it smart and get what you can get. Use what you got, in order to get what you need. Better to be a gold digger then a broke bitch in the streets. Child listen to me, I'm trying my best to school you, They say they want an independent chick but don't let them fool you. They wanna lady in the streets but a freak in the bed, They want their momma in the kitchen, keeping em' fed. Giving them head, brain, dome, or knowledge. All of that but they won't respect a girl from college. Nah they'd rather wife a chick on Instagram showing ass, Or fall in love with a stripper and get her pregnant fast. You'd be better served to have a sex tape with a rapper, And get you a reality show and call yourself an actor, If you broke and have a pussy the