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3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home

3 Ways To Turn Your Crib Into A Respectable Home Post on February 20, 2013 by Brolog tagged:  advice ,  Brolog ,  brolog truth ,  dating ,  Gentlemen ,  getting laid ,  men and women , pick-up ,  relationship ,  sex ,  The Brolog I was out Saturday night with a good friend of mine, we passed by some college-aged guys and over heard one of them say, “We gotta get some girls back to the crib”. I laughed inside as I watched them walk away.  Their comment was ridiculous for two reasons:  1)  they were wearing those ridiculous skinny jeans that sag in the back, and  2)  I used to be just like them.  It reminded me of my college days and my old apartment with my roommate. This came to mind while looking at some old photographs from my college days. Boys have cribs; men have homes.  There comes a time when every Bro needs to grow up. Here are 3 top tips to help you turn your crib into a respectable home. 1) Silverware and Dinnerware:  The plastic forks, two plates, and beer mugs


Happy Freaking Valentine’s Day Red roses, heart-shaped chocolate, loving cards, diamonds, and the list goes on forever. What is with Valentine’s Day? Seriously. I for one believe it is one of the most commercialized holidays created by a conglomerate of several massive corporations. Hallmark, Hershey, and diamond importers are a few of the suspects. That’s right; I’m on to your scam ladies. Unfortunately I have not found a successful way to avoid this dreaded love day. I have attempted many excuses, as I am sure my fellow colleagues have as well. “I don’t need a holiday to show you how much I love you baby”. “I show you how much I love you 365 days out the year dear”. Valentine’s is a commercial holiday and the media has brainwashed you into thinking that we should spend money on meaningless material goods to prove our love”. That last one didn’t go over so well. The most disgusting part of Valentine’s Day is the denial by women that it’s not about the money. You know, the