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She knew he wasn't shit, he's a player and shit, And if she got too close that he would play her and shit, He's only faking like he cares he don't care about shit, Accept for getting what he wants, everything else is just shit. She knew he wasn't shit, but his love was the shit, He be rubbing her whole body with lotions and shit, He fucking her whole soul with emotions and shit, He be cruising through her waters like the ocean and shit, Biblical strokes, like he Moses and shit, He part her legs open and get to stroking and shit. Sending him text messages and he ignoring them shits, Phone calls get blocked, you not important and shit. He playing ball with his boys, he out on the court and shit, Talking bout the girls he fucking like it's a sport and shit. Yet his bad behavior, every day, you supporting that shit, Let him back in ya home like y'all courting and shit. And your girls try to warn you, try to tell you and shit, But she defend him,


He lay in bed next to her, neither speaking nor moving. He noticed that she covered herself to leave the room, something in the past she would have never done. But this wasn't the past, or was it? Perhaps they had slipped off into this alternate reality where they simply couldn't move on from each other, where they couldn't let each other go. He searched for meaning to it all as she searched for her underwear. For him it all still meant something, and for her nothing. She said goodbye as easily as she said hello, and he... well he masked his hurt with clever jokes and witty lines. He lay in bed next to her, neither speaking nor moving. He wanted desperately to hold her, but every time he tried to touch her his hands would simply go through if he were literally grabbing at the past...trying to clench to it... The laughter sounded the same, the smiles looked familiar, and the inside jokes were still inside... and yet... nothing felt like the was back t