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It’s funny when you think last time was the last time, Like you won’t let this time end up like the last time, But yet and still, you still thinking about that last time, It’s never really moving forward if you still living in your past time. What can I do to remind you of our past time, If love has a clock, then tell me are we past time, Expiration date love, are we past prime Feeling like love is a game and we only at half time But how can we keep the love with half time, Love is a full time job and I’m only getting half time, I remember, I remember, I remember too I remember, do you remember, do you remember who Who used to have your heart, who’d you surrender to Haunted by the past of ghost who resembles you. Hello love, yeah I know it’s you, How come you never do what you supposed to do? How could you leave me when you know what I’ve been going through? How could you sell me those lies, I thought those eyes were true Then I thought I met

Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man: Grinds My Gears....The Wal-Mart Edition

                There are few places that I can really say that I hate going to; The dentist, a nursing home, Alabama…but there is no place I loathe more than Wal-Mart. But sadly, Wal-Mart is the best representation of America I can think of…it’s filled with all different shapes, sizes, colors, and walks of life. All mixed in there looking for the most random of items possible that you forgot to get at a different store. I’m sure I wouldn’t need to explain why I hate this store, but I’m gonna do it anyway. DO YOU WORK HERE?:                 Who in the bloody hell decided that khaki pants and a blue shirt would be the best idea for a work uniform. That is like the most common shit a person wears to any office . There are 200 people in the store right now in khaki’s and a blue shirt, and only five of them are at work. But you wouldn’t be able to tell who these people were, because they are wearing their name tag in some obscure corner of their oversized blue shirt. And it’s no

Last Man Standing: Being single when they are not

Something has started happening more and more recently, something that we all go through when you enter into the age group I now inhabit.  People start getting married. Now that’s not a shocking thing really, I mean marriage has been around centuries. I knew what to expect when I got near this age, that my friends would start getting married. Hell, I thought I’d be right there with them. But something has happened that I didn’t really expect. Now that they are married, they expect you to hurry up and get married too.             Misery, it seems, does love company. “Dave when you gonna settle down man, you a ho”. Whoa whoa whoa, when we were both single I was this awesome guy, and now that you have found “the one”, I’m this terrible guy? I mean, I get it. You wanna hang out with me, but you can’t. I can already hear her in your ear. “You know Dave is always out there with a bunch of girls, I don’t think you should be in that atmosphere”. Hahaha. But hey, she’s right. You probably sho