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What if... when we were making love crazy.. And you whispered in my ear, Don't pull out, lets make a baby. And I obeyed, because you had me dazed, Would we be parents to a kid that simply amazed? Playing patty cake and peek a boo with our child, Doing whatever it takes to make her smile. What if... when you told me you were leaving, Instead of saying go ahead, I got right down on my knees and, Cried out please baby please, Please don't leave I'll give you everything you need. Everything in me, all that I can be. And you saw me drop my pride and you knew, That everything that I was saying was true. So you stayed, and we never fell apart. The love never died and I never broke your heart? What if...when we first met you were single, And instead of shaking hands, We both had time to mingle? Chemistry always great, but the timing never right, But in this scenario we hit it just right, Would we have skated to that slow jam? Both holding hands, Water Runs


We'd been talking for so long, We'd been flirting for so many years, And every conversation so strong, But in the back of my mind I feared, That the day would finely come, When we would be back face to face, And you'd remember who I am, And you'd remember how I play. And how I say, everything, Everything you wanna hear, Lean up right against my chest, Let me whisper in your ear. Let me treat you like your dear, Let me treat you right my dear, I can love you better then he can, Where he at cause he not here? Telling lies after lies, And I can see deep in your eyes, That you believe my every word, Yeah you feel that I'm sincere. So you let me in your life, No you let me in your heart, And like a hurricane I blow in, And I tear your world apart. And the winds are blowing heavy, As it's raining down your walls, And we drowning in this moment, Going hard with no regards, And she think we're making love, Because of these words that I m