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Bad bitch? Or bitch bad? Better know the difference before you end up sad, Because you been had, and now you mad. And now she glad, she get half of all you had. You was parting so many seas that you felt like Moses, P*ssy so soft and it smell like roses, But usually when you in it is when you lose focus. And you couldn't smell the evil stench right up under your nose it's, No wonder you ain't notice, she got evil in her eyes. Call your self superman but Kryptonite in her thighs. And she done took down better men than you, You not her first, nah she done had more then a few. She got NFL, NBA, and even MLB. She a veteran of the game her contract's guaranteed. And your ass gonna work hard to give her everything she need. And the judge send your ass to jail if you disagree Now is that bitch bad or is she a bad bitch? Gucci that Gucci this, she don't want nothing that's average. But they all getting played so you just probably a


He been chasing his dreams so long that it's hard to believe, That the prophesies over his life he would ever achieve. Cause he's been at it so long he can't think of a reason, Why it hasn't happen yet after so many seasons? Yet he keeps on grinding, don't stop believing. Working on his next script til' the depths of the evening. Just to wake up in a room where he can hardly move, This is a lifestyle that very few would halfheartedly choose. But he has a vision in his mind, a promise in his heart. He knew it would be a battle from the very early start. Sitting at his desk eating oatmeal again, When he get on swear to never eat oatmeal again. But that's a sacrifice necessary to survive the struggle That's a device used to entice him to thrive in his hustle. He knows talent alone won't ever be enough, So he's added discipline and persistence to make him tough. Living in a city that can break you down, He holds on to the image o


Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, We right here again but somehow we never seem to move forward. Like a song with no lyrics, we just repeating the chorus. And I've been running game and running game way longer than Forest. But she finds amusement in the fact that she always plays my muse, The women are the soundtrack to my life's album like we on Views. So don't get caught up in the Hype cause they can be a Controlla Is You With Me, I need One Dance, because you know Summer's Over Hotline Blinging you Still Here? Feel No Ways if it's over, Redemption on my mind, Keep the Family Closer. But I'll play the game, yep, I'll play the game, Because I can keep you at a distance and never have to claim. And I believe you playing too, yep, you do the same. Too busy chasing Hollywood, no time for the ball and chain. And every single girl that I meet inside the bar, Be asking me why I'm still single as I pass them my card, And it'


The weather's changing, you can feel it in the air, It's still Summer, but you can tell, the Fall is quietly there. I was wondering if you got any plans for the Autumn? Do you think you gonna need a man when the leaves start falling? I know they call it cuffing season, so I'd love to you lock you up. Promise to serve and protect you when the weathers getting rough. Things I think about, as I sit and watch the sun set. Fantasies of having conversations over the sunset. Walking through the city as the leaves change colors, The chill in air, it whispers, you better love her, If you wanna keep it quiet it's cool, I'll go undercover. We can Netflix and chill all night, deep under covers. And we wouldn't have to go nowhere once the city starts snowing, Stay inside and cuddle up, we can keep candles glowing. No Instagram posts with philosophical deep quotes, We staying off the grid, what we do, nobody knows, But the days are still warm, so go ahead a


Come spend a day with me. Come to the Bay with me. You should just lay with me, Go ahead and play with me. You don't have to love me. Let me be your temporary fix. Let me be your Summer fling, You know, until you get your heart fixed. Here girl sip this, Tequila Sunrise. We both drunk as f*ck, Tequila at sun rise. But no worries, we on Summer vacation, We just met on the beach, but we in similar situations, No hating, no debating, just wicked participation, Two sinners on the sand, giving in to sensations. We don't talk about work or family, All we discuss is our dreams, Theories about God and love, And what does it all mean. We go deep, we go deep, we go deep in our conversations, And it ain't love, no it ain't love, but it feels like we love making. We not gonna exchange numbers, Won't become friends on Facebook. No following on Instagram, But I'll remember how your face look. As we stand here in the ocean, Under the warmth of the br


Me and all my friends we no fall in love, We just do the drugs and go out to the club. Wildin' in the Uber we might tear it up, We hunting for the girls who like to give it up. Macking in the bar you know how we do. And we like some local stars they all know my crew. What's up girl? What's your name? Where you from? What it do? Yeah I've had a couple drinks, okay I've had more than few. Summertime in L.A. it's summertime in the city And they wearing booty shorts and tank tops looking pretty Tight sundresses and sports bras it's a parade of tig o bitties And she smiling at your boy, yeah I think she wanna get with me. OMG OMG side boob falling out her shirt, LOL LOL all that ass that's in her skirt. I'm a have to go and flirt, I'm a have to put in work. I'm a buy a couple shots, let em know what I am worth. Let's go party at the crib, there's a party at the crib. Go and get them girls right there, we gon' show e


We both too old to be playing games, Like being in the club giving fake names, With the fake lames, and the boogie dames. Can we stop playing? I mean I'm just saying. Are you feeling me, cause I'm feeling you? And I already know your feelings true. But you playing games, you acting up Stop playing like you don't give a f*ck. Like I'm not the one to pick your spirits up, Even the furthest away I'm the nearest one. Tell me if I'm the dearest one, That you think about, when nobodies up. I'll pick your body up, and put your body down, This is serious girl, don't play around. This is Boyz to Men, this is Jodeci, This is Dru Hill, this is H - Town So don't let the water run dry, Under these April showers, Come and talk to me, We could talk for hours. About real love, Let's talk about real love, I mean it could be real love, If you ready to deal love. Cause you know how I feel love, But you know I can't steal love. You g


You ever have somebody that you love but you can't love? Someone you wanna touch but you can't touch? Cause you already seen them go through too much, And you know you just as bad you'd be too much? I wish I could talk to you everyday, I wish that I could but I can't. I thousand times I love you is what I'd say, But you better off being with him. She be at church on Sundays, I be at the beach on Sundays, You know I have Sunday funday's The too drunk to wake up Monday's. But she loves everything that I do, What a feeling to have a woman who supports you, But I couldn't write a story that would due, That would be good enough to afford you. Because your love is priceless, And your smiles as bright as the sun, But one day we won't be able to joke around, About how we wish you'd have my son. And I know you've been in love before. Hell you've been in love once more, So you probably nervously thinking, It's last cal