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She just wants some of my time, She wants to know what I have on my mind. She wants me to come over and lie, Next to her on the bed and tell truth, no lies. She asks me to look in her eyes, Asking me what I be doing when I'm out with the guys, She know the girls flirt so she won't be surprised. She's just hoping none of them are my type. Asking why I don't type? She sends a message I never reply, And I get ghost when it's late in the night, I only come close in the heat of the light. She say I'm always disappearing on the weekends, Probably at the bar with some broad who is freaking, Or at the condo letting all the freaks in, Listening to The Weeknd, trying to get them freaking This whole thing stinks, you smell like sex, boy your wreaking. I know light skin girls are not your only weakness, I heard you been in Spanish Harlem fucking with a Puerto Rican, How many other girls with whom are you speaking, And I know summer coming and you won&


I fall in love too fast romanticizing the situation, Ready to be in love before we even started dating. I guess in part it's due to my vivid imagination, Skip to happily ever after I have no time for patience. Meet a girl, get a number, text but never call back, Auditioning for love but you never get a call back. Couldn't act the part so I guess you gotta fall back, Nickelodeon dreams, but it's never all that. I guess it's all because I grew up a Disney Kid, Wanting to fall in love just like the Disney characters did, Looking for Cinderella hoping that glass slipper fits, Magic carpet rides through the city watching the sun set. So when I see her for the first time, it's love at first sight Birds chirping all around gliding in the sunlight And our first conversation is a song that we sing right, Lyrics so powerful the stars seem to take flight. But Quasimodo was the hero but he didn't get the girl, Looks are still everything, it's the per


Girl I swear I need ya, I could never leave ya, The other girls are previews, and you’re the main feature, You staying in the game, and they can’t make it to the bleachers You got that apple bottom girl, and I’m your favorite teacher Damn you make me hot, nah girl you give me fever, You all up in my blood, nah girl you give me seizures And I can be your Adam, and you can be my eve then And I would follow you right out the Garden of Eden And my pain is your pain, look at us we bleeding, Your love has got me flipping, the floor is now the ceiling, We had that twin tower love, somebody crashed the building. And these are just my feelings, look at how they spilling, My hearts got some blanks, I’m looking for the fill in’s. And any girl will do, step in line and f*cking fill in. You yearn for me like the flower calling for the sun, you reach for me like the ocean reaches for the are a rose, and I am the rain, waiting to wet your lips with ev


He's ready to fall in love, he wants to settle down, But he's lying to himself cause he gon'  mess around, Cause he's addicted to the city and the bright lights, He's in love with early mornings and even later nights, In the club, at the bar, sipping on his drink, Staring at the pretty girl in the bright pink, She looking like the next girl he wanna take home, She already putting her number is cell phone. But it's a number that he knows that he won't call, Cause if he ain't hitting tonight, then he won't hit at all, He finds himself stuck in such a vicious pattern, That if he met the right one, it probably wouldn't matter, Cause he's been in the game so long that it's all he knows. A wife is terrifying he more comfortable with them hoes, But he ready to fall in love, he's ready to commit, He laughing in the mirror, like that's some stupid shit... So let's take another shot let's push it to the max, We t


She likes to go to the beach, she likes to feel the breeze, She likes to sit in the sand, she likes to watch the trees, She likes to sip her drink, she likes to hear the waves, She likes to feel the sun, she likes to let the sun bathe, She likes when I open her door, she likes to ride in the whip, She likes the air in her hair, she likes the leather's grip, She likes the cruise the streets, she likes to see the city, She likes me to hold her hand, she likes just feeling pretty, She likes to shop all day, she likes designer jeans, She likes to try them on, she likes to show em' off to me She likes it when we go out, she likes to wine and dine, She likes it when we touching, she likes it every time... She likes it, I love it, She likes it, I love it, She likes it, I love it, She likes it, I love it, She likes it, I love it, She likes it, I love it, She's my sexy little lady, ain't gon' put no one above her She likes to cook a meal, she likes


The anticipation had been building in the last few days before we were all together again. It's amazing how quickly life goes by and how much you don't realize you miss in the lives of others. Facebook can never really keep you in touch with someone like a good conversation. And even in the dying age of personal communication, time well spent in person with a friend is still one of the more priceless things you can share. This trip, started like all the ones before, with handshakes and hugs, smiles and laughs, and the warming embrace of old friends as we arrived one by one into L.A.X. "How you been man", we asked as if we didn't chat everyday online? But to have a face to the words was comforting, to be able to see the happiness of their expression. We were a blessed group of friends who had the freedom to make a trip amongst all the crazy. After all that's what it's really about, being able to take the time away from it all, and take a moment to b