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It was summer, the sun was hanging in the sky just as lazily as I was as on the ground as we walked down the strip at Venice Beach, shades on our eyes, smiles on our face. There's a particular wonder about Venice Beach, a kaleidoscope of walks of life all meshed together, harmoniously getting along. Perhaps it's the sunshine that makes this place so peaceful, or maybe it's the frequent marijuana shops posted along the boardwalk, who knows? But the calm of the afternoon was idyllic for a Saturday. We walked into our favorite watering hole with handshakes and "hey how are you" floating through the air over the noise of the crowd and music humming from the jukebox. The ice cold beer received a chilling welcome on such a hot day, the first one disappearing all too quickly. I can't be sure if I was simply thirsty or excited to get drunk and see where the booze would take me. About a half hour later and another beer down I stepped outside to have a cigarette.


So I was at the bar the other night with a friend, and we started chatting to some girls. After about ten minutes I realized I had nothing left to say. Now this may be a normal thing for some, but not for me. I mean I have game, loads of game. But it's become increasingly obvious to me what the problem is....I don't really have TALK game any more. In this virtual world of die hard social media, I have developed a spectacular text and instant message repertoire. I can't remember the last conversation I have had with a woman on the phone after meeting her in person. From there it's usually straight to text until I see her again. And it got me thinking, what happen to the art of conversation? A buddy of mine texts me all the time. "I'm getting mad text responses from girls". And I'm at home thinking, if text responses was pussy you'd be Wilt Chamberlain. We're a lazy ass society man, it's the whole "Netflix and Chill", gen

9 OUT OF 10

Had a conversation with a friend, she said that nine out of ten, Of the relationships and situationships that couples are in, Aren't even with the people that they want to be with, I had to think for a minute, cause that's some serious sh*t. Cause this is a chick that I got love for and she knows it, Ironically, my heart unavailable for her to go with. She waiting on me to respond but it was such a heavy text, That I had to take the proper time to put it into context. Because the first person you love is often the first person you lose, An immature love, when you were young and confused. And you gave your heart away before you really knew how it worked, Giving up all your love before you even understood all it's worth. So when you got your second chance, to tango with romance, You felt like you had the rhythm, you more prepared to do the dance. But you had a dream, the desire for bigger things, And you tried to take her with you but she don't fit into


Feels a little bit colder outside, yep a little chilly, Like growing up and realizing in the real world they never free willy. He still locked up in his tank doing tricks for fish, Funny thing is I feel like I'm doing the same shit, Stuck in this cubicle like look at me boss I did work, Looking at my paycheck like damn this what my soul worth, This why my soul hurts, walking this whole earth, Walking on this road alone until my soles hurt, Looking for love in all the right places, But tragically it's littered with all the wrong the faces, Life is a game of spades know who with play with, Cause these days players is cutting all the aces, I guess this generation ain't got no hearts, But they heavy in the clubs though, And they doing whatever they can to shine, Because the diamonds have the best glow.  Had a conversation with my father the other day and he told me, Nobody should be fifty years old and still be lonely. It reminded me of a Chris Rock joke he


I wish that I never met her, I wish I'd never seen her smile. I wish that I'd never texted her, I wish I never had dialed. I wish that we never linked up, On that sunny afternoon, I wish you never wore that dress, On that summer day in June. I wish I never held your hand, As we walked through central park, And I wish we never went to dance, And we stayed out after dark, I wish we never, girl I wish we never, Cause if it didn't happen, my heart would feel so better. And I wish we never spent the day, Out at the county fair. And I wish I could forget your eyes, The way you wore your hair... I wish it never happened, The first night that we made love, You were standing in my bedroom, Lingerie and pumps, I wish I could take back, Every lovely kiss I placed, I wish I could un-see, The passion on your face, The movement of your waist, The freaky things you say, The ooooh's the ahhhh's We rocked the night away. I wish we never, girl I wish


It's recently been announced that the mega chain retailer TARGET will be working on removing "gender bias signs" from within their stores. A response from a social movement triggered shopper posting a sign on Instagram that specified building toys for girls. Now before I go on my angry man rant let me preface it with this....I get it. I do, I understand Target's position, and I also get what that shopper was trying to say. Now then.....what in the holy hell is wrong with the world? First argument. Kids don't know they are in a "boys aisle" or a "girls aisle" all they see is toys. That organization is for parents that are too damn busy trying to raise kids and pay bills and time is precious. Those signs help them find exactly what they need quickly. You go into the store because your son wants a Power Ranger doll you know it's on the blue themed aisle with all the action figures right? If you go into the store because your son wants a b


I remember when I met her, I didn't want to sweat her, Just trying to impress her, Handle the peer pressure. And I had just made varsity, Had to rock my letters, And although just freshman, Attitude suggested fresher, Standing by the locker with her girls, Me, I'm in the hallway with my boys, steady making noise, She was twirling her fingers all through her curls, Giving me the greenlight, so I calmly cleared my voice. And I stepped to her properly, like the school my property Everybody stepped aside, nope, nobody stopping me, Hello baby, what's your name, and how are you? I peeped you over here, chilling with your crew, And I know you saw me too, I gave you the perfect view,  The bees were steady buzzing, I know how girls do, So I know they told you all about me, and how I roll, Bruce Lee Roy of the crew, you know I got that glow. And I was wondering if we can kick it, go hit the mall, Baby you should give me your digits, so I can call. She wrote d


Sitting in the guidance counselor's office a younger Dave sat, She asking me in ten years, "where do you see yourself at"? A good question indeed, before I proceed, Let's consider where I'm at now to understand what I could be. A young man in college, on his quest for the knowledge, Ride wasn't fly but he kept his wheels polished. Two bedroom apartment tucked away in the projects, Just met a girl body shaped like a Goddess, And to be honest, he was a bit tired of the parade, Girls marching in and out at any time of the day. Plus on top of that he had just found his passion, Mr. Director, they waiting on you to call out action. Fell in love with the stage, the words on the page, The lights shined bright, so we rehearsed it for days. When the show came out every body was amazed, And it felt so amazing to receive all the praise. California in his future, his name in the lights, Wifey standing by his side, she always do him right. First chil


Mama had a baby, Daddy wasn't there, Baby Austin Powers Daddy never cared, Mama tried to raise him, Nanna tried to save him, Brother tried to haze him, Preacher tried to tame him But there was no behaving, Cause lil' brothers raving, Now lil' brothers banging, He got a set he claiming, He got a crew he bang in, He got a block his gang in, Product that he is slanging, He out there fast laning', Couple of girls he lay with, Couple of girls he play with, Couple of girls he stay with, Got two that say they pregnant, One wants to go to the clinic, One wants to be a parent, Little baby on the way, Now he gotta go and make rent, He doubles up his weight, Because he couldn't wait, Pockets getting fatter, But haters start to hate, And bullets start to fly, There's bullets in the sky, He died under the stars, A bullet in his eye, Mama had a baby, Daddy wasn't there, The world is a ghetto, I just hope he's prepared.


As a former player of the highest caliber, I was an avid fan of the movie "How to be a Player" starring Bill Bellamy.One of his classic lines was, "Players never get busted". Which I am here today to call bullshit. Players always get busted, but the great players, the truly veteran of us, always get out of it. Players get busted all the time, too many angles to cover to not miss one. You can have a separate phone, give her a fake name, be on a secret facebook page, and she will still end up being the friend of a friend of a cousin's friend who saw you tagged in a picture on Instagram at your girlfriends sister's cousin's wedding standing with some girl. To be honest, getting busted is kinda fun. I mean there are very few situations where you have to be so creatively diabolical right there on the spot. I knew a guy who took a theater improv class because he wanted to learn how to make sh*t up on the spot better. I mean can you imagine such dedicatio


She told him that she don't give a f*ck no more, And that she wasn't gonna let him come and f*ck no more. He told her that he ain't give a f*ck no more, Cause he had other girls he could go and f*ck for sure. A sobering realization, although she knows it to be true, Cause if you not gonna give it up, there's other girls that will do. That seems to be the problem, the answers I don't got em', He's addicted to pussy, he's got a f*cking problem. Cause every since he was a younging, That's what his homies taught him. If that girl ain't giving it up, Then she has a f*cking problem. Can't stop him, he's on a mission to hit his numbers, Little black book where he's keeping all his numbers. And he keeps a head count of the head by the amount, Staring at his list, yeah he feels so f*cking proud. He has a f*cking problem, and that's the f*cking problem, When you girls gon' wake up, cause only you can stop him.


She grew up in the south at a time when that phrase carried a stigma. The daughter of a preacher, wrapped in the holy cloth of religion from birth and sheltered from the world, she spent all her time in the sacred walls of the tabernacle looking outward. The reverend, head of the flock, always time for his people leaving little time for his family, still had the heart of his baby girl. But the girl who grew up holy eventually falls, the weight of the biblical pressure always too much to stand up right. So she falls, she falls, and she falls, right into the hands of the sinner. A handsome man with a devilish smile and chiseled body is there to catch her. From his very introduction the feeling of seduction, all too new to her is overwhelming, like the smell of your mothers kitchen after being away at school so long and finally returning home. The scent was inviting, new and familiar, and tempting all the same. The reverend, a former man of the street, smart to the realities of the wor