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They say good things come to those who wait, But I swear I been waiting the longest, Life is a workout, and I stay lifting weights But I’m still not feeling the strongest I cried a river, now I’m drowning in the world Had my heart on a sleeve, and gave my sleeves to a girl We break up to make up, wake up, no make- up, Say hello to the real you, As I go deep inside, exploring your eyes Baby girl now I feel you. What good is love, if it only precedes hate, It’s all just a drug, and you never rehabilitate And it’s funny, when I’m at my worse, My words are the best, the gift and the curse. So here you go world, take it or leave it Here’s my heart girl, take it if you need it, You already got my rib Eve, so what else could you need. I smoke you in until my lungs bleed I would run to your love with the sun’s speed But eventually the sun sets Tell me love are we done yet, Cause you go down , then come back up Let’s move on, no let’s back


When it hits, it just hits, it’s usually unexpected. You work so hard to keep your heart protected. Building up walls, having gates erected. All of this due to the times you were neglected. Past failed times, where your love was rejected Love is a drug and the needle you’ve injected, The fear and the doubt of never being accepted Haunted by the times when you felt disrespected Cupid’s arrow always seems to be misdirected I guess in that case, the end should be expected Tears flowing from your eyes as your pain gets ejected Love is a skill that can never be perfected

Throw your Hood Up: An evening with the Ratchets

As my roommate and I stepped out of the door at a quarter to 11pm. I was concerned with where the night would go. We had a good buzz going from sitting at home and watching the clipper game, so we were ready to step out and mingle. Inside the club we get drinks, we make the rounds, looking for any possible signs of interaction with the ladies. Very standard guy stuff. Our first interaction occured approximately at 12:34a.m. when a young lady approached me and introduced herself. This is not a rare occurrence as I get approached often. Now that is not me bragging, but I honestly think people can sense how shy I am in these situations. I think it's got worse with age, because I used to be pretty good at taking the first step. But I digress. She approaches me and engages in your standard introductory conversation and she introduces me to her friend, who honestly I am more attracted to and my first thought was she was coming to introduce me to her. As she talks to me her friend mov


First comes love, then comes marriage Then comes the baby in the baby carriage, Then comes the lies, here comes the deceit, There goes the trust, the lust for the sheets There goes the loyalty, there goes the honor, Now you in a court room, there goes your Honor There goes the child support, along with the Alimony I guess this is the end of our Holy Matrimony Sitting here watching Bad Girls Club, I can understand why they never get love, Basketball wives turn into basketball exes, Trading in your love for some shoes and a necklace. Where did the good girls go? No really, please tell me where you at? Don’t let the media influence you, Cause real men aint really looking for that… Where are all my educated ladies? Who know more than just riding in Mercedez. Where are all my sophisticated divas? The one’s who see more than just a Beamer. I know I'm such a dreamer, And yes I’m still a believer, And they say love is blind, Is that why I

Attention to Detail

When going out for the night, the dating scene must be treated as war. The club is a battleground, and the most prepared soldier will come out of it completing his mission; getting a girl. But to do this, you need to be focused. It’s all in the details. 1. Know your layout: A good soldier knows his surroundings. Be aware of all things happening around you. 2. Know your competition: Most guys walk into a bar and scope out the ladies, but that’s only half the work. You need to scope out the guys too. Be honest with yourself as to where you rank in the scale of things. Don’t waste your time talking to a 10 when there are plenty of more acceptable 8’s out there. 3. Plan your attack: Once you have acquired a target, develop your game plan. Do not proceed with the generic lines. “You are pretty.” “You’re fine.” These are things she probably knows and has heard five times already. Key in on some details. Girls spend a lot of time getting themselves ready, so be specific about what you like, t
How to Structure Your Pick-up Game Like A Job Interview Post on December 10, 2012 by Brolog tagged:  advice ,  Brolog ,  brolog truth ,  dating ,  pick-up ,  relationship ,  The Brolog   Every man has his strengths and weaknesses; this can’t be truer then when it comes to picking up the ladies. After a great discussion with some fine gentlemen, it became clear that help was needed. You see, meeting a woman and getting her to be interested in you is just like telling a good story, and in any story, the basic structure is:  Introduction, Body, & Conclusion. Introduction:  This is much more your look than your words. You would be surprised how much a woman has already decided about you before you even speak. Body language and non-verbal communication must not be ignored. The way you stand, your smile, all these things are important. Your appearance is the introduction into the story of you. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are. First step, dress to impress, dress