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I love the beginning of a love story, Like a book and you've opened the first page. I guess that's why I never stay in love too long, Always starting over, turn it back to our young days. That moment when you first see each other, The world sits still and everything stops, And all of a sudden there's a love song playing, Your heart starts beating, your eyes pop and your jaw drops. Questions like, do I make a move, would I win would I lose? You imagining your timeline once everyone sees the news, Congratulations on your new relations she's so beautiful. Do your best to make her happy that's not one you wanna lose. I was holding auditions about to direct my first play, She came in to audition and I wanted her in the worst way. She always joked how she never got the casted for the part,  But she's happier getting the role to hold the keys to my heart. She made me get a whole new bed set,  Said she ain't sleeping on same she


It was a hot summer day in Miami, I can remember the day so clearly. Those Haitian cats were hating on me, Cause I was bagging everything that came near me. That's when I saw you walking out the water, You were heading right in my direction, So I said the first thing that I thought of, My God baby girl you perfection. You smiled at me and you laughed, A smile even now I'll never forget.  I said let's go for another swim, Don't dry off baby girl stay wet. She told her home girl she'd be back, As we walked away in the sand. As soon as our feet touched the water, We both reached for each other's hand. The alcohol got us intoxicated, The weather got us falling in love, The motion of the waves got us grinding, Everything in South Beach is such a drug. And you, you were all on my brain, I mean you were all in veins, All I could think of was you, And it would drive me insane. But eventually the vacation ended, And so we said our goodbye's


I'm a big hopeless romantic, and for us, the "how we met" story is important. It should be magical in it's moment, and memorable to the masses. For me, the "how we met" story is so important, that at times I may discount a girl I like just because I don't believe how we met was magical enough. I mean it's a story you are going to be telling family and friends for years to come, and always seems like the best relationships start with a great start. Say you are in line at the coffee shop your name is Alex, but so is this really pretty girl, who you bump into when they call out the order for Alex, so you both reach for the cup at the same time and touch hands. MAGIC. Or you are about to get in line at the grocery store when this guy cuts you off, so you start arguing with him, and somehow by the time it's all over, you have a date planned. MAGIC. I guess that's why I am not the biggest fan of internet dating. There is no spark to that, no mag


Dear Friend, I was so tired by the end of our trip I feel I fell short in giving you my thoughts on the things you said. Life, is this troubling's this broken dream from our childhood...and being an all about rebuilding that dream with the pieces that are left. I wasn't shocked to hear about your struggles, after all, I know you better than most. The city is a magical place, but when you are surrounded by buildings that reach the sky, one can feel infinitely small and alone. It's only natural that depression can take hold of you. We both live in one of the largest cities in America and yet day after day we walk these streets alone, we pass by thousands of people each day, who we don't know, we don't speak... Both just out there chasing a dream, in love with an idea of who we want to be, and trying to become that. I know how much your Mom passing has changed you; no way such a loss could not. But I wanted to share my favorite memory of he