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Fellas…’ve got your outfit set up, you just got the fresh cut, showered up, brand new cologne on, not too heavy, got your ride cleaned up, put your “hitting the club” playlist together, all your boys met up for the pre-gaming session, you roll out, stroll up, get in the club, and it’s packed. Now just to solve one problem…all these damn girls are dancing with each other! Seriously ladies, what’s the deal. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have tried to look at it from your point of view. Fellas, imagine you, a sexy young lady, barely dressed, high heels, in a dark room filled with drunken, horny, freaky as hound dogs with a hard on for everything that moves. I would be a little hesitant to dance with a stranger too. But hey, you girls knew what you were getting into, and let’s be real, you came to get just as wild as us….so what’s the hold up? It’s as if the ladies made a pact before they left the house. “In order for you to dance with somebody, the rest of us have to sign o