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Sitting in the hotel bar drinking Jameson, Wondering to myself, damn, what's her name again? Similar situation, the one that I am always in. And we talk about the separate worlds that we're both living in, She says "she's never gonna settle down, no not again, The situations changed these men are no longer gentlemen, They not opening doors, and no longer pull out your seat. They not taking care of the home, But yet they expect to eat". I say "your experiences seem to be so individual, You can't blame the world because of one individual". "But if that one person is your world and they blow it up, Everybody gets hit in the crossfires cause love is physical". That information she provided was truly pivotal, I understood her so much better those words were critical. I told her "I been hurt before, better yet I've been crushed, When love hits you that hard who do you fucking trust? Or do you shut down the emotion and


He had entered into the rightful age of 31 with wide eyes and big hopes, the same as all the other years. Although, much like those years before, he was becoming more cynical about the possibilities of love. It wasn't just the fact that it had alluded him for some time now, but more so the fact that he had just the same alluded love.  As if they reached an agreement, each armed with their own top divorce lawyer of sorts. Love would leave and take all of its empty promises with it, and he would walk away and take everything that he brought with him. His new focus would be his career. Cliche to say the least as many 30 somethings clinged to the one thing that they felt they could control. "This is simply what life is for me", he convinced himself. Some find love, some walk alone. He reminded himself that some men are not meant to be happy, they are meant to be great. Something he heard on a television show that he tried to assimilate into his own life. So he dive


She was afraid that type of love would never find her, And her ex loves all served as a bad reminder. Of how she wished she had been just a little kinder, So she entered her next relationship with blinders, Fell in love with a stranger that she thought she knew. Took a walk down let's get married avenue. The fear of never finding love again can scare us, To the point where it gets hard to look in mirrors. Staring at the lonliness you see in your reflection, Wishing you could go back in time and change direction. If not him then who else gonna up and love me? She running out of options at least this is something, And we all know something is better than nothing. Except she never got to read From Something to Nothing, So she ignores all the signs and his many flaws, And she says I do even though when asked she paused. Walking down the aisle to the sound of the crowds applause, But they don't know she walking off to a hopeless cause, Cause now she carrying his