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Who you with? Who you been given your precious love? I hope you not with him just to pass the time like just because... Because I miss you but you know that I can't say it right...? And you just as stubborn so I know you gonna put up a fight. But I'm on your page looking at your pictures liking every post, And I know you see me watching you but you already made yo choice.. So I had no choice, had to step away and try to respect your space, But don't think for a second that I've forgotten about the beauty of your face, Because I wish that I could see you, and I wish that I could call, But my pride won't let me do it, no I'll never take that fall. Either you gonna reach out to me, or we just never gonna speak at all. I know you'll be good through the summer, but like temperatures you bound to fall. So, who you with? Who been given your precious time? I know he loves your body, but does he even appreciate your mind? Or recognize your grind, doe


He wanted to fall in love so damn fast, He was willing to make the wrong choices. He wanted to fall in love so damn bad, He was ignoring all of the voices. All of the voices in his head, Telling him that he should slow down, But everybody else so far ahead, He didn't wanna be the one left out. See he had a plan for his life, Yeah he had everything worked out. But life don't really care about plans, So naturally things ain't work out. Now he's on the edge of Thirty, Every girl he meets could be the one. So he rushes to fall in love early, Dating is painful it's no longer fun. Cause he was supposed to get married by thirty, First child by the age of thirty - two, A house with a sensible mortgage they could carry, Now she pregnant with child number two. Two car garage and his and her sinks, House in the suburbs where everybody speaks. Family vacations and trips to beach, Hanging Christmas lights on the family tree. He wrote down everything


I got this girl pregnant once...yeah hell of a way to start a blog I know, but sh*t I'm just thinking out loud here. I was young, like a sophomore in college at home for spring break. The fact that I got a girl pregnant isn't what's important and or spectacular about this story. What is, is that she never told me. Not until about five years later when we happened to get together and hang out. No she didn't take me on Maury or anything, she didn't pop up at my door step with some child I had never seen before and tell me I was a father. Instead she told me that she didn't keep it. First reaction was how do I know if she's lying?...but I thought about that night....she wasn't. Besides, who makes up that kind of lie? Second reaction was why? She stated how I was in college and she didn't want to ruin my life. How she knew it was just a fling and even though we were serious in high school, she knew we had a lot of life to live and growing up to do.

5 YEARS...

It's been five years since I have been in a relationship. Five years since I could even relate to sh*t. Five years since I heard I love you,  Or baby you the best, or there's nobody but you.  It's been five years since that break up, Five long years since we walked away, And I aint mean to take this long to love, But life just always gets in the way.  Year one, I only wanted fun, You know hit and run, get it in and I'm done. Then I'm back in the clubs looking for another one, When she asks my name, I just say I'm the one. Phone full of numbers, pocket full of rubbers, I guess you could say I didn't really care, I just knew I was hurt, so I would go out and flirt, To replace the thought of her not being here. Then year two came and not much changed, I was still living fast in these streets, Thinking time would change her mind, And we'd fall back in love when we meet. But that meeting never happened, Cause baby


Sitting in the hotel bar drinking Jameson, Wondering to myself, damn, what's her name again? Similar situation, the one that I am always in. And we talk about the separate worlds that we're both living in, She says "she's never gonna settle down, no not again, The situations changed these men are no longer gentlemen, They not opening doors, and no longer pull out your seat. They not taking care of the home, But yet they expect to eat". I say "your experiences seem to be so individual, You can't blame the world because of one individual". "But if that one person is your world and they blow it up, Everybody gets hit in the crossfires cause love is physical". That information she provided was truly pivotal, I understood her so much better those words were critical. I told her "I been hurt before, better yet I've been crushed, When love hits you that hard who do you fucking trust? Or do you shut down the emotion and


He had entered into the rightful age of 31 with wide eyes and big hopes, the same as all the other years. Although, much like those years before, he was becoming more cynical about the possibilities of love. It wasn't just the fact that it had alluded him for some time now, but more so the fact that he had just the same alluded love.  As if they reached an agreement, each armed with their own top divorce lawyer of sorts. Love would leave and take all of its empty promises with it, and he would walk away and take everything that he brought with him. His new focus would be his career. Cliche to say the least as many 30 somethings clinged to the one thing that they felt they could control. "This is simply what life is for me", he convinced himself. Some find love, some walk alone. He reminded himself that some men are not meant to be happy, they are meant to be great. Something he heard on a television show that he tried to assimilate into his own life. So he dive


She was afraid that type of love would never find her, And her ex loves all served as a bad reminder. Of how she wished she had been just a little kinder, So she entered her next relationship with blinders, Fell in love with a stranger that she thought she knew. Took a walk down let's get married avenue. The fear of never finding love again can scare us, To the point where it gets hard to look in mirrors. Staring at the lonliness you see in your reflection, Wishing you could go back in time and change direction. If not him then who else gonna up and love me? She running out of options at least this is something, And we all know something is better than nothing. Except she never got to read From Something to Nothing, So she ignores all the signs and his many flaws, And she says I do even though when asked she paused. Walking down the aisle to the sound of the crowds applause, But they don't know she walking off to a hopeless cause, Cause now she carrying his


It's too easy to fall in love, Love is just a click away. You in love with her for now, But tomorrow is a new day. I mean tomorrow is a new bae, Weren't you just with her last week? You referring to her as your girl, But which girl is it that you mean? It's too easy to fall in love, Or it's too easy to fall in like, Cause he in love with all your pictures, That's why every post he like. But she gotta man that's local, And she got one far away, She gotta' man in New York, And she keeps one in L.A. She's gotta man for sexing, Yeah he hits it how she likes, She gotta man for tricking, Yeah he spending every night. She gotta man who's perfect, But she don't even treat him right, She put him in the friend zone, Yeah that brother serving life. It's too easy to fall in love, It's too easy it's too easy, Just a couple of text messages, And you could lose your breezy, Like you should see the way he treats me, I&


Here is my take on the playoffs for each conference and the finals....this is tough. The Cavs claim home court throughout and they don't meet a real threat until the ECF where they face Miami. A lot of emotion in this series with LeBron returning to Miami.....but it's a place he is all too familiar with and he shines in those games. Very similar teams and playing styles, but in the end talent wins out and LeBron reaches the finals a record 6th time straight. The Bull vs. Heat series will be the second best series to watch in the east, but I believe the Heat's championship pedigree and know how will lead to them outplaying and outcoaching a new bulls coach and a bit shifted bulls team. This conference could really go any way and I respect any argument for changes as I may change my postion on this weekly during the season. But here is why I put down what I put down. Warriors over Pelicans because they are simply a better team. Spurs over Rockets becaus


THE EASTERN CONFERENCE I expect the Eastern Conference to be more competitive this year, although there is still no denying who the front runner is…..the Cleveland Cavaliers. But there are a few intriguing teams that could challenge the Cav’s for the Conference title. Pat Riley has managed to quickly build a contender again and Chris Bosh is back healthy, this provides the most intriguing foe for LeBron James and if they heat in the playoffs there is plenty of back-story to provide motive. So let’s look at the east. 15 th Philadelphia 76ers 18-64 Nobody knows what Philly is doing accept Philly, and maybe they don’t even know. But it looks like they will continue to stack draft picks in hopes for the elusive big deal that will supposedly one day come. They have no marquee players besides two very young centers that have yet to prove anything. It’ll be another disaster year in Philadelphia. 14 th Brooklyn Nets 20-62 The Nets are financially handicap due to their GM’s


Friend request gets sent, Notification that you've been accepted, Now you have expectations, You're fantasies get projected. I say hello, you say hello, Do you know who I am? She says that she knows. So now you just flow, Conversation it flows, You start out a secret, A friend that nobody knows, But the situation grows, Cause feelings got sowed. Now each word can be a weapon, Be careful it might explode.  Cause life changes right by the second And now you feel some type of way, And emotions are running over, Cause you ain't get to speak that day, And they not inviting you over. And saying things like I miss you, Can easily become an issue, We're firing off the emotions, We use them just like a missile. And relationships can be a war, But we supposed to be fighting together. But we across the enemy lines, Guns pointed right at each other. Like damn, didn't we used to be something? I swear we used to be s


THE WESTERN CONFERENCE The Western Conference remains the star-studded dominate monster that it is becoming even more difficult to survive with the Spurs addition of LaMarcus Aldridge, the Clippers additions of Paul Pierce and Josh Smith, and even the Mavericks additions of Wesley Matthews and Derrick Williams. Either you make moves to get better in the west or find yourself circling the bottom of the conference. Being a west coast resident has never been better for NBA fans with every game sure to be exciting and meaningful. Here are my predictions for the Western Conference teams. 15 th : DENVER NUGGETS 15-67                 The loss of Ty Lawson to the Houston Rockets will hurt the Nuggets in the short run, but a team this bad isn’t playing the short game, their looking years down the road and seem committed to an all-out rebuilding. In a star studded conference they have no star. A beat up Danillo Gallinari, an unwanted Jameer Nelson, and a Kenneth Faried “manimal” who


Sleep less, work more, But work with a purpose what do you work for? No pain no gain, so let it hurt more. What is your vision of success what do you search for? They say life is short, but I say is life is long. Which puts an emphasis on decisions, and knowing right from wrong. Although the wrong decisions can teach you the right lesson. Cause learning from mistakes is always the right blessing. Beware of false prophets, those who are teaching lies, You need a teacher's heart and a student's eyes. So you can understand the question, but also have the answer, And walk what you talk and know what you stand for.... And just because they let you down don't mean you let up, And if the world knocks you down, then you just get up, Can't see the future looking at the ground so get your head up, And if the world pissing you off, good, let's get fed up. Cause when your back is up against the wall that's when you really see, What you are made of and


Standing there, the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen, and She walks right in, looking like a beauty queen..and I Am wondering, what your name is and who you are? Before I could ask, I see him standing from afar… My friends they tell me that that guy is your boyfriend. And so my daydreams they come crashing to an end, We say hello, and I even shake your hand We talk casually, and we even share a dance, but Then he comes over and tells you it’s time to leave And I feel your pain as your arm he squeezed And I can feel my chest as it gets harder to breath, Trying to figure out, how quickly she became a part of me And now I’m left standing wondering why, What should I do, should I even try? Should I let the chance for romance pass me by? I wanna grab your hand and look you in eye but.... She’s someone else’s girl, so she can’t be with me, She’s someone else’s girl, so all I can do is dream, She’s someone else’s girl, so it’s not me


I fell in love in a dream, I fell in love with a dream, It was the ideal moment, it was the picture perfect scene. Reality was too harsh, the real of it unfair, So I drifted off into a dream, knowing that she'd be there. When I close my eyes is when I wake up, She lies there with no make-up, Pretending like she's asleep, But really wanting for me to wake up. I stare at her for what feels like hours, We're stuck in the bed, Listening happily to the sound of rain showers. As soft as the kisses I place on her head. It's an early autumn day, in our big loft in the city, With the floor to ceiling windows, the fall can be so pretty. And we're wrapped up in our covers, our Egyptian cotton sheets, And the smell of her hair, is just so wonderfully sweet. And we lay and talk for hours, about our trips around the globe, London and Paris, and our most recent trip to Rome, And of all the beautiful places, none of them was like home, Home is where your smi


"A selfie is a self portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Selfies are often shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are usual flattering and made to appear casual. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arms length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self timer." -Wikipedia You do it, I do it, we all do it. We take selfies. But for men, there need to be some manly restrictions to such vain activity, and I am here to lay some ground rules, a few man laws in which my brothers should govern themselves. There are really only 3 good reasons to take a selfie...and all of them whether directly and or indirectly should be for the benefit of bagging a lady. REASON #1: TO GAIN ACCESS TO VAGINAL EXTREMITIES: AKA GETTING SOME ASS. All dudes have a bathroom mirror post with their shirt off and if they say they don't then


I'm in the gym a lot. I'm what is commonly known as a gym rat. Whether working out or playing basketball, I spend a good amount of time there. And the one thing I always notice is how people dress in the gym. It wasn't even a concern for me before I started going almost every day, but once you have that kind of schedule you'll find you can never have enough gym clothes. I realized to some people, gym fashion is very important, perhaps too important, and there are all types of gym folks in regards to fashion. I'm what I would call a "regular guy" when it comes to fashion in the gym. In my opionion if a man is spending too much time worrying about what he is wearing in the gym then he has problems. Some old gym shorts you've had since high school and a cut up tee shirt that you bought in myrtle beach on spring break is really all you need. Now this may only be an L.A. thing...but I have some major complaints with some of these dudes in the gym out


No longer will I let her control me I swear it's over, I won't let her seduce me no more ready for closure. Until I get that text asking me if she can come over, I reply so damn fast I'm knocking everyhthing over. Can't wait for her to get here so I can make the same mistake over, Laying on top of me and I still wish she was closer, But as quickly as she came she right back out the door, Weeks go by and not a word, as if she doesn't need me no more, And I'm wondering what in the world she needs me for, Telling myself wake up, you don't need her no more. Sitting up at night with too much liqour in my system, That' when the demons creep into my thoughts with persistence, Why the hell would she wanna be with you, you nobody? In a city where everybody is paid and drive Bugatti, And you know when she not here she out there, All under some other guy she spending her nights there. I yell shut up, and so what, and I don't really give a fuc


A father and son were riding in the car, To the House of Cheeks, for a drink at the bar The son was scrolling through I.G. with great lust, The father saw the phone, and said what the f*ck is this? He took the phone from his son and stared at the screen, Looked back at his son, his eyes looked so mean. I do not like these thirsty thots, I do not like their thirsty thoughts, I shall not like their thirsty pics, For all they do is tease the dick, I do not like to play their games , You come and go as if your running things, I would not sweat you in a bar, I would not sweat you in your car. I would not sweat you on the beach, I would not sweat you on the streets. Get away from me these thirsty thots, Trying to trap me with your thirsty shots, Your yoga pants and ill fitted tops, Pushing your boobies up to the top, Pictures you take in your draws for me to view With dumbass captions like, "what are you up to"? Clearly I'm looking at this picture of yo