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Sitting in the bar one night having a conversation with a pretty girl, Heard a question that was all too familiar, she asked, So how come you’re still single, as she looked me dead in my eyes, Like she was suspecting lies, but to her very surprise, I was drunk enough to tell the truth... Are you player, her follow up question? Rightfully asked as my charm would make that suggestion, But honestly I say, I'm not unlike any other story you've heard before Much like any man that's been hurt before I've developed a system that will help me avoid the pain Never fall for a woman I could actually obtain So I keep the good ones far at a distance, I'm talking this is LA and that is New York That way things have a reason for falling apart Gives me an excuse for never sharing my heart So most of the girls I spend time with in Cali, Are about as deep as the rain fall. That is to say they are shallow. She smiled, laughed a bit, she knew it