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I wondered what made it so simple for me. What made it so easy to fall.. fall for her...and her.. and her... I had to believe that it was the understood expiration date of this thing. Did it make her more attractive to me? Was I more attractive to her? It’s the kind of care free mindset you have with a rental car that you have the insurance for... you can drive with reckless abandon, you don't have to worry about changing the tires or the oil, and you just hop in, drive it around, and return it when you are done. Vacation love is unlimited...and yet.. with limits. That’s what I was for her, a nice convertible mustang of a man she could show off to her friends via photos on I nstagram . The best thing about vacation love was that we only had to hit all the highlights of a relationship, we only had to live the good moments. All the things we have grown to enjoy and miss being alone, we would provide for each other. So she reached back for my hand as we walked through the crowd