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I feel like, these girls are A.M. and I'm F.M. We not on the same frequency baby what's that you playing? Tell me what is your station, tell me girl what you saying? I'd fly a spaceship and orbit the moon to find your wavelength. I mean is it hip hop, r&b, or Jazz? Cause I would dance country to pony up on your ass.  I mean damn, cause all I get is static? WZUP with your heart, girl can I have it?  I will preset your vibe to my ride so that when you start me up, I know you come on automatic.  About 102 Jams I would like to play for you, 93.5 times that I would go back in the day with you, Or is it more that I should K-ROQ with you? Stairway to heaven is to get all on top of you. Come and spend the night we can hear the quiet storm, Sitting by the fire with the music to keep us warm. I been calling all day to get through to your line, Trying to win these tickets to your love, make you mine. Jodeci on my mind, All I can think of is you freaking me. B


"I meant to love you" he said, as he stared in her eyes. It was his moment of truth to see through all of the lies, A beautiful lie, for him to lie next to someone so beautiful These illusions that we've created in our mind look what they do to you. We knew it couldn't work but yet we spent the time to work it, We knew we'd never perfect it but yet we hoped it could be perfect. Was it worth it? Yes indeed, every minute we spend. Who's to say it's not real even though we playing pretend? But even when you pretending you still know that there's an ending, Your heart wasn't available for purchase, so I was only renting. And times up, the door to your heart has a notice of eviction. And it's not really a surprise because I created this prediction. I'm no good for you, and I can see now that you know that. I'm no good for me either, but there's no way I can go back. A cursed soul with a haunted heart is never easy to love