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What a beautiful feeling when love songs start to make sense, And you feel like every word is just common sense But then that heartache reveals your incompetence And you realize that common sense aint been common since If love don’t cost a thing then why does it always leave you broke Standing in the courtroom arguing over who gets the most Good times they turn into bad memories, Staring at old photo’s and asking, “do you remember me”? Please pardon all these skeleton’s in my closet, Still love don’t cost thing, but she gonna need a deposit. That’s why she posting pretty pictures all over her facebook To replace the man who used to tell her just how pretty her face look. My ex girl told me she loved me and made a bad decision And everyday she thinks about the love that she know she missing. And I used to hope that one day she would feel that pain, Thinking that knowledge would help me to be whole again, But honestly her honesty had the opposite