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Fell in love with a big bad wolf dressed as a nice girl, So well disguised in her lies that I couldn't tell. Wasn't until later that discovered her fangs, I guess I was just too busy focused on other things. But once I knew better I decided to do better, Tried to wall off my heart, but I wasn't too clever. Cause I, built that first wall out of rocks sand. And it all came crumbling down at the touch of her hand. That's when I started writing, "doing it again". Big bad wolf sank her fangs in again. Second time I got away I knew I had to improve, Made better decisions so my mind I wouldn't lose, Built a new wall out of sticks and mud, But that still couldn't last as she huffed and puffed, As she sucked and fucked, I knew I was still stuck, I knew I was still fucked, the deeper her fangs cut. Poor little piggy, can't figure it out. Trying to build walls, but can't keep her out. My third attempt was a wall built out of concrete and


He walked the world alone, With all these thoughts on his mind, Like would he ever find love, I mean it's taken all this time. How much longer did he have to play, Like he wasn't ready to settle down, Putting on the upbeat face, Even though he felt beat down. He would go out at night, And the girls would always say, I know you have a lot of girls, You look like the type to play. It seemed they always presumed his story, A book known best by his cover, But if they ever cared to read more she'd, Realize that he's truly a lover. But they don't so he plays a part, A character he knows so well, And continues to break their heart, But he breaks his own as well. They expect you to act this way, And you never seem hesitant, To broadcast it every day, Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man presents...