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Token Black Guy

Coming up as a kid I lived in 3 places that forever shaped the man I am today. Lake Mary, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Daytona Beach, Florida. Through middle and high school I lived in the suburbs and went to predominately Caucasian populated schools.Most of my friends were white or some other race than black. Never even thought much about it honestly....not until I went to college....a historically black college that is...and I have to say...after coming from the burbs', and then spending four years surrounded by black people. Having white friends is wayyyyyyy better lol. WAIT WAIT...before you riot black people, let me explain why. # 1: Special Treatment - Whenever I go to white people's party they always treat me so damn nice. I mean as soon as I walk in they give me a hug, ask me if I want a beer....they don't show me where to get it...the GO AND GET IT FOR ME...they ask me how my day was, how's work. Black parties they don't ask you shit. They don

Where's the love? (do it for the vine)

Chris Brown came in game singing songs like excuse me miss young boy probably believed in love and relationships sitting court side Laker game with his pretty chick found out the truth, and then he snapped and had to smack a bitch Damn. Now he know these hoes aint loyal girls singing along guess that's a dumb ho for ya, now a days these hoes is proud to be a sidechick pussy old news like a t-mobile sidekick wanna be the main but you settle as a sidechick until he kick yo ass to the curb with a high kick These days shorty gonna do it for the vine how ironic it only took 7 seconds to make you mine, a real nice view and a few bottles of wine, just a get a perfect view of you arching your spine. How many likes on your pic until yo ass feel loved How many pics I gotta like until yo ass give it up How many re-tweets will it take, how many pages to follow just to find out if you spitting or swallow. Hmmmm, am I showing enough titty, does my ass look fat, does my smile l