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It’s a nerve racking thing when you have an opinion about a case like Michael Brown that is completely against the majority feelings of your own race. But then again I’ve never been the one to give in to social and or peer pressure. I say what I want unapologetically. So with that being said, here’s how I feel about this case.                 First I took my time checking out Officer Darren Wilson, who was an exemplary police officer who had no prior incidents of any kind, especially race related. He was actually honored not too long ago for his efforts in police work.                 As for Michael Brown, video evidence supports that he was involved in a robbery about 15-20 minutes before the shooting occurred. He stole cigarillos, which most people know to be a tool used to roll and a smoke marijuana. I’m still waiting to see if he was actually high at the time of the shooting, because it would support the officers claims to his wild and aggressive behavior.                 No


I was recently out with a girl for dinner and afterwards we went into night club. A decision I don't even understand because taking a woman you are dating and or in a relationship with is the dumbest sh*t ever. It's up there with taking your woman to the beach, hooters, and a wedding if you are not ready to be married yourself. But why is it dumb? It seems women don't understand why it is men do not like taking their lady out to bars and clubs. Well I'm here to share some insight into that in hopes we can stop having to do this. SUPERMAN: Woman need to understand, that a night club is really a wolves den. While women might go to the club to hang with their friends and dance, men go to the club to get women. We are hunting, hunting sheep, drunk sheep.  We are there to get laid. The goal, the mission going in, is to bring a girl home and get laid, and every time you come out alone you failed. Now this mission is so important, that most men do not care if a girl has a