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Boy walks into a room and he sees a pretty girl, She don't know it, but he about to change her world. What's your name and where you from, this is what he asks? She smiles, reaches out her hand, she has him in her grasp. Conversations lead to deeper revelations, She all caught up now,  as she stares deep in his eyes, Full words turn into common abbreviations, She feeling so overwhelmed that she opens her thighs She says, I never been with a man that's as nice as you. He replies, you bring out the better in me. Heart beating so heavy, I think I'd die for you... Being everything for her he was so ready to be... She was his ride or die, that was her position to play, Dinner on the table after a hell of a day But the world is cold and love gets old but you gotta try, He don't come home as much he staying out late at night. Where you been, who you with, she all up in his space.. You don't trust me, you don't love me, lies on his face. They fi


I was recently in a McDonald's and posted a picture via Facebook of a poor excuse of a burger McDonald's serviced me. This was not the first time I found myself angry about my experience at McDonald's....and so I found it time to share some of my complaints with the world, in hopes you too, share my frustrations. Here are a few of the things that really grind my gears when going to McDonald's. PEOPLE WHO ORDER SUPER SLOW:        Have you never been in a McDonald's before? Wtf is your problem? Why are you searching the menu as if you are searching for Waldo? Let me give you some help....they serve BURGERS! Pick a damn burger already. Why do you have so many questions??? They put the pictures up there to help your stupid ass make a selection. You need to come back during slow hours and ask those questions so that tomorrow at lunch your ready to go. NO HABLO INGLES:         Look, I understand everybody needs a job. I get it. But why in the hell do you have


It’s a nerve racking thing when you have an opinion about a case like Michael Brown that is completely against the majority feelings of your own race. But then again I’ve never been the one to give in to social and or peer pressure. I say what I want unapologetically. So with that being said, here’s how I feel about this case.                 First I took my time checking out Officer Darren Wilson, who was an exemplary police officer who had no prior incidents of any kind, especially race related. He was actually honored not too long ago for his efforts in police work.                 As for Michael Brown, video evidence supports that he was involved in a robbery about 15-20 minutes before the shooting occurred. He stole cigarillos, which most people know to be a tool used to roll and a smoke marijuana. I’m still waiting to see if he was actually high at the time of the shooting, because it would support the officers claims to his wild and aggressive behavior.                 No


I was recently out with a girl for dinner and afterwards we went into night club. A decision I don't even understand because taking a woman you are dating and or in a relationship with is the dumbest sh*t ever. It's up there with taking your woman to the beach, hooters, and a wedding if you are not ready to be married yourself. But why is it dumb? It seems women don't understand why it is men do not like taking their lady out to bars and clubs. Well I'm here to share some insight into that in hopes we can stop having to do this. SUPERMAN: Woman need to understand, that a night club is really a wolves den. While women might go to the club to hang with their friends and dance, men go to the club to get women. We are hunting, hunting sheep, drunk sheep.  We are there to get laid. The goal, the mission going in, is to bring a girl home and get laid, and every time you come out alone you failed. Now this mission is so important, that most men do not care if a girl has a


I remember when I was younger, before Ipods were really popular and you didn't have music in your phone, making CD's was the thing to do. I had a CD for every situation. Party CD, sex CD, work out CD.....but one of my favorites would have to be my "Chilling with my Bitch" CD. A CD most guys make when they meet that girl they really like and maybe she's coming over to kick it or you are going out on a date. So here are my top 5 songs for when I'm spending the day with Bae. #5 T.I. " Chilling with my Bitch" - the ultimate hip hop dream to be riding down Rodeo Drive or 5th ave in a luxury car with the finest woman ever.  So whenever I was out with a real bad one I liked, this is a natural high type of song to play. #4 USHER "Bad Girl" - Confessions was a classic album, and bad girl was another of many hits on the playlist. It seemed all the bad girls knew to dance when this song came on, and there ain't nothing like having you


"Google Images" Breaking up is hard to do...but it happens....and there may be no greater joy than seeing you ex later on and them having to see you shining and succeeding. So here are the top 5 songs to stunt on your ex too.  #5: Mike Jones- Back Then         Mike Jones song might have been a one hit wonder type of deal, but what a great hit. For all you chicks out there clowning him when he down...just remember he may grow up to be somebody. #4: Eamon - Fu*k It       You can just feel the anger in this one. The heart ache. A song you have to sing out loud for sure. #3: Trey Songz - Unfortunate       A personal favorite and yet probably a less known song....but for anybody who's been trying to pick themselves back up...this is a good one. #2: Drake - How about now       Although a new song, it's already near t


Looking in her eyes, drowning in her smile Trying not to fall too far, cause I know in a little while She'll be talking about her next move, Never staying too long, she already plotting her next move Chill out heart let's not get too carried away, You know the deal, and just how she feel, she'll never stay Nomadic lifestyle, always on go,  Leave her clothes in boxes cause honestly she never know, when it'll be that time, she gotta leave Taking the air with her each time, I can't breathe. And you think she doesn't love you,  but you know she really does But the truth is love ain't everything you dreamed up Wrap my arms around her waist every time we go to sleep, Scared that when I wake up I realize it was a dream. Bottles of wine and 90's R&B station, Good food and even better conversation Lots of smiles lots of laughs, But even now I know it shall pass, Back of my mind I know it won't last Impossible to see the future when


Jennifer Lawrence (Patrick Demarchelier exclusively for Vanity Fair) So as most people know by now, Jennifer Lawrence along with many other celebrities have had their personal photos hacked and posted online for the world to see. These leaked nudes have been a part of a planned cyber attack on popular celebrities, Lawrence probably being the biggest star as of yet to be hacked. In the newest issue of Vanity Fair Jennifer refers to her nude photos being released as "A Sex Crime". Ironically enough, she's basically naked on the cover of the magazine.  Now I'm not saying what happened wasn't bad. I'm not saying it wasn't a crime, and the person responsible should be punished accordingly....what I am saying is...Who Cares? Or better yet, shut up already. Yeah, that's more in line with what I want to say. Shut up already. You're a celebrity actress, so at some point you were gonna get naked for the world anyway. If anything she's upset because


#5: LEAVE HOOD NI@@AS IN THE HOOD: ·          Now I know most professional athletes are African American. And a large percentage of them come from broken homes and bad neighborhoods. And you probably have some friends who grew up to be criminals, gangsters, and or overall bad people. And you may be thinking to yourself, “they are my friends, am I supposed to turn my back on my friends just because I have money”? YES. That is exactly what you should do. Family members too! Get some new friends with legit jobs you moron. #4: SNIP IT: ·          This might seem a bit extreme, but so is having to give 30k a month to some stripper in Atlanta you banged during a road game. Freeze some sperm for when you meet the woman you marry and avoid ending up paying more child support than lil’ wayne and flava flav combined. #3:  HIRE A DRIVER: ·          It amazes me how many athletes get DUI’s. You make millions of dollars. The cab ride cannot be hurting your pockets that badly. Playe


Here is something that I have learned from living life and being on social media.....I don't really like people.  Not to say there aren't people I like, I mean I have friends, but in general, people suck lol. But some more than's a short list of a few types of people I really can't stand. GHETTO NI&&A: I'm walking into the grocery store the other day, lots of working people in there getting their grocery items, lunch, etc. and in comes this ghetto ass dude with a speaker somehow affixed to his belt blasting music...and of course it's not The Isley Brothers, no it's not Prince, or even Usher....he's blasting Young Dro "F*ck Dat B*tch...SMDH....dammit all Ghetto Ni&&a, why do you have to come into this well to do grocery story with your loud ass ghetto music? I immediately feel ashamed and overwhelmingly responsible for your dumb ass actions....mainly i'm upset for two reasons.....One : white people are just look

2 faced.

I'm so two faced, I'm so two faced I'm a player and a lover and they both hate each other, one Dave wanna f*ck you, the other Dave wants to love her... so I'm telling her she's the only one, but I say the same to my other I'm so two faced, so damn two faced So when I say stay, I really mean go And when I say yes, I probably mean no And I got a feeling that she already knows, Cause I'm so two faced, oh so two faced you should leave me, please believe me and I'm so two faced, so very two faced, and I'm just playing, don't believe me. I'm spitting game she buying it, I'm so good at this lying shit, I don't even know the truth no more I'm so good at hiding it I can already tell, she gonna let me slide in it she believes what she wants to whenever she's riding it She text me, I don't text her back phone calls, ignoring that she wish she never gave it up I'm sorry there's no going back Cause I

The Man Down Under: The Revolution of Men’s Underwear

    Recently a female companion of mine returned from overseas and brought me back a few gifts. Among these items were two pairs of underwear…well, kinda. These were not the underwear that I was familiar with, I mean I’m not still wearing the standard whitey tighties of my middle school years, but these were far more advanced than I was accustomed.     They were Dolce Gabbana underwear that barely fit me and stopped well short of my thighs. These were the kind of underwear that you might see the ladies of the Lingerie Football League wearing. I looked at them and my first reaction was, “are these for you”? Certainly I wasn’t supposed to wear these.                 She told me about how they were stylish and sexy on a man and did a good job of selling me on them, so finally I tried them on. Well guys, after getting through the initial uncomfortable feelings and seeing myself in the mirror, I have to admit; I felt sexy. The next day I was walking through the underwear aisle at

Token Black Guy

Coming up as a kid I lived in 3 places that forever shaped the man I am today. Lake Mary, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Daytona Beach, Florida. Through middle and high school I lived in the suburbs and went to predominately Caucasian populated schools.Most of my friends were white or some other race than black. Never even thought much about it honestly....not until I went to college....a historically black college that is...and I have to say...after coming from the burbs', and then spending four years surrounded by black people. Having white friends is wayyyyyyy better lol. WAIT WAIT...before you riot black people, let me explain why. # 1: Special Treatment - Whenever I go to white people's party they always treat me so damn nice. I mean as soon as I walk in they give me a hug, ask me if I want a beer....they don't show me where to get it...the GO AND GET IT FOR ME...they ask me how my day was, how's work. Black parties they don't ask you shit. They don

Where's the love? (do it for the vine)

Chris Brown came in game singing songs like excuse me miss young boy probably believed in love and relationships sitting court side Laker game with his pretty chick found out the truth, and then he snapped and had to smack a bitch Damn. Now he know these hoes aint loyal girls singing along guess that's a dumb ho for ya, now a days these hoes is proud to be a sidechick pussy old news like a t-mobile sidekick wanna be the main but you settle as a sidechick until he kick yo ass to the curb with a high kick These days shorty gonna do it for the vine how ironic it only took 7 seconds to make you mine, a real nice view and a few bottles of wine, just a get a perfect view of you arching your spine. How many likes on your pic until yo ass feel loved How many pics I gotta like until yo ass give it up How many re-tweets will it take, how many pages to follow just to find out if you spitting or swallow. Hmmmm, am I showing enough titty, does my ass look fat, does my smile l


Late night and I barely can sleep, The past haunting me, cruising down memory street. Looking at the bed at the spot where she used to sleep, So lonely I catch myself sniffing the sheets... There it is, still got her scent on it, Love cost counting how much I spent on it, Facebook stalking, ah shit who this new n*gga, Forgot her love, she went found her a new n*gga. It ain't like you didn't even have a clue n*gga, Secretly hoping that at least he stay true with her. Regretfully feeling like you fucked up, And it's probably because you always stay fucked up. Out in the club taking shots getting fucked up, Walking out the door with some chick you just picked up. Ignoring her calls, deleting her text, You lost in the sauce, you in lust with her sex, Young man mistakes, becoming old news, Stuck in the same path, with these old shoes. 33 out acting like you 22 With a bad bitch find out she only 22, And feeling so high like you sitting on 22's Gotta be


I asked myself if I could go back in time where would I go? If I could somehow change my path knowing what I know. Would I tell myself play it safe, change my degree. Be an accountant that seems like something safe to be. Would I alter my dreams, based off the realities. Try to save loved one from fatalities Try to keep myself from taking casualties, Or maybe stop me from sex so casually. Let me know that its quality over quantity, Cause the numbers are like ghost forever haunting me I can travel back to my first love, tell her forget it and skip it cause I'm her worst love. I could save her some tears and wasted years, The children we never had and all our fears. I could be the one to save her heart, By erasing me from the story I never played a part. Maybe I could travel back to my early life, And convince my father not to leave his wife, I mean how would that change the man I am, More father son lessons on how to be a man Or maybe I could go and just sit

Random Thoughts of Foolishness: Wolverine

You know, I was watching a trailer for the new X men movie and I got to thinking....what would it be like to be wolverine...then I got to really...what would it be like to be Wolverine. I mean, this dudes whole body is covered in that adamantium stuff....his whole body??? I mean is his dick covered in it too? Does he have metal balls? What kind of underwear do you buy if you have heavy ass metal balls. I mean, this guy must kill the I mean literally...a dick that heavy would kill a chick. I mean if he T bagged a chick he would give her brain damage for sure. The only chicks he could be banging would be mutant chicks whose only power is to have an indestructible vagina. I mean no wonder why this dude has an attitude problem and is always angry...He's been alive like 200 years and has probably only banged like 3 chicks. I guess it's better than have that would sh*t and giving the hoes splinters. That probably can't feel good. A splinter in your v


Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man: Grinds My Gears - The Public Transportation Edition

Now if you live in a big city, it's likely you are familiar with public transportation. A bus, a train, cab, whatever. Now public transportation has it's pros and cons like any situation, and its value is usually determined by the individual who chooses to use it. For instance, you live outside the city, your job does not pay for parking, but there is a train easily accessible and a stop near your home to work; thus public transportation may have some value for you. Whatever the various pros may be for your situation, it's more than likely we share the same cons. And I'm here to illuminate those problems and ask all my hardworking commuters to stand up and do something to make a change. With that being said, this is what grinds my gears about public transportation. Loud Music Guy : Hey you, yeah you, the only ignorant mother fucker playing the damn loud music on your cell phone when all these signs clearly say to wear headphones. It's 2014, don't tell me


It’s funny when you think last time was the last time, Like you won’t let this time end up like the last time, But yet and still, you still thinking about that last time, It’s never really moving forward if you still living in your past time. What can I do to remind you of our past time, If love has a clock, then tell me are we past time, Expiration date love, are we past prime Feeling like love is a game and we only at half time But how can we keep the love with half time, Love is a full time job and I’m only getting half time, I remember, I remember, I remember too I remember, do you remember, do you remember who Who used to have your heart, who’d you surrender to Haunted by the past of ghost who resembles you. Hello love, yeah I know it’s you, How come you never do what you supposed to do? How could you leave me when you know what I’ve been going through? How could you sell me those lies, I thought those eyes were true Then I thought I met

Innocent Thoughts of a Guilty Man: Grinds My Gears....The Wal-Mart Edition

                There are few places that I can really say that I hate going to; The dentist, a nursing home, Alabama…but there is no place I loathe more than Wal-Mart. But sadly, Wal-Mart is the best representation of America I can think of…it’s filled with all different shapes, sizes, colors, and walks of life. All mixed in there looking for the most random of items possible that you forgot to get at a different store. I’m sure I wouldn’t need to explain why I hate this store, but I’m gonna do it anyway. DO YOU WORK HERE?:                 Who in the bloody hell decided that khaki pants and a blue shirt would be the best idea for a work uniform. That is like the most common shit a person wears to any office . There are 200 people in the store right now in khaki’s and a blue shirt, and only five of them are at work. But you wouldn’t be able to tell who these people were, because they are wearing their name tag in some obscure corner of their oversized blue shirt. And it’s no