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5 Ways To Pick-up Your Bank Teller When You’re Broke

You’re in line at your local bank, and there she is as always, the beautiful bank teller. She’s always polite, smiles, makes great small talk, and you can’t decide whether she is being nice to you or just doing her job. You want to speak to her about something other than your banking needs, but it’s tough to be smooth in a bank. Security guards are watching, there are cameras pointed at you everywhere, an angry line is right behind you waiting for their turn, and that’s not the worse part. This girl is looking right at your account, and you have  $22.19  to your name. How are you supposed to even ask a girl out when she can clearly see you don’t have any money to take her out?  Don’t worry guys; The Brolog is here to guide you into these difficult waters. Don’t hide:  She can see your balance; she can see where you have been spending your money. You took out $200 at the Wicked Kitty strip club last weekend, it’s right there on the screen.  Find a way to make light of your financial