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We’re just two familiar strangers, With a distant love, there’s always a present danger And they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, But I’m not trying to keep you away any longer. Friendly text messages and phone calls just won’t cut it, If you could be inside of my mind when I’m playing “what if” Like what if you hopped on a plane late in the night, And I could wake up to your smile in the morning light. Or What If I showed up at your door right out of the blue, And I opened up the doors, to my brand new spaceship coupe. What if we hopped inside and we took off to the moon, What if I’m saying this too late, what if I’m saying this too soon? What if its infatuation and eventually it fades What if we only have this moment and we keep throwing away our days What if I stop with the what’s if and the worries and the fears, All we have is today, and that day we have is here. But how could I be there, when I’m alwa


            We’ve all been there; you meet this amazing girl, she’s smart, funny, beautiful, I mean she’s just amazing, and you guys really hit it off. So what’s the problem? Oh that’s right…you live 3,000 miles apart. With modern technology making it possible to meet people over a multitude of social platforms, you don’t need to book a flight to have a conversation with someone in a different country as you. Travel is at the click of a mouse. Problem is, that a virtual relationship, no matter how great, can never be as great as a physical relationship. Because while you are sending her sweet messages, there’s a few “wolves” at the bar, waiting to prey on your precious sweet heart. So the question then becomes, how do you stand out, when you can’t stand by her? ·        Communication: Conquering long distance cannot be done without good and consistent communication. You need to have a mean talk game, because that’s all you really have. Working out a plan for who is calling who,