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#5: LEAVE HOOD NI@@AS IN THE HOOD: ·          Now I know most professional athletes are African American. And a large percentage of them come from broken homes and bad neighborhoods. And you probably have some friends who grew up to be criminals, gangsters, and or overall bad people. And you may be thinking to yourself, “they are my friends, am I supposed to turn my back on my friends just because I have money”? YES. That is exactly what you should do. Family members too! Get some new friends with legit jobs you moron. #4: SNIP IT: ·          This might seem a bit extreme, but so is having to give 30k a month to some stripper in Atlanta you banged during a road game. Freeze some sperm for when you meet the woman you marry and avoid ending up paying more child support than lil’ wayne and flava flav combined. #3:  HIRE A DRIVER: ·          It amazes me how many athletes get DUI’s. You make millions of dollars. The cab ride cannot be hurting your pockets that badly. Playe


Here is something that I have learned from living life and being on social media.....I don't really like people.  Not to say there aren't people I like, I mean I have friends, but in general, people suck lol. But some more than's a short list of a few types of people I really can't stand. GHETTO NI&&A: I'm walking into the grocery store the other day, lots of working people in there getting their grocery items, lunch, etc. and in comes this ghetto ass dude with a speaker somehow affixed to his belt blasting music...and of course it's not The Isley Brothers, no it's not Prince, or even Usher....he's blasting Young Dro "F*ck Dat B*tch...SMDH....dammit all Ghetto Ni&&a, why do you have to come into this well to do grocery story with your loud ass ghetto music? I immediately feel ashamed and overwhelmingly responsible for your dumb ass actions....mainly i'm upset for two reasons.....One : white people are just look