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It's too easy to fall in love, Love is just a click away. You in love with her for now, But tomorrow is a new day. I mean tomorrow is a new bae, Weren't you just with her last week? You referring to her as your girl, But which girl is it that you mean? It's too easy to fall in love, Or it's too easy to fall in like, Cause he in love with all your pictures, That's why every post he like. But she gotta man that's local, And she got one far away, She gotta' man in New York, And she keeps one in L.A. She's gotta man for sexing, Yeah he hits it how she likes, She gotta man for tricking, Yeah he spending every night. She gotta man who's perfect, But she don't even treat him right, She put him in the friend zone, Yeah that brother serving life. It's too easy to fall in love, It's too easy it's too easy, Just a couple of text messages, And you could lose your breezy, Like you should see the way he treats me, I&


Here is my take on the playoffs for each conference and the finals....this is tough. The Cavs claim home court throughout and they don't meet a real threat until the ECF where they face Miami. A lot of emotion in this series with LeBron returning to Miami.....but it's a place he is all too familiar with and he shines in those games. Very similar teams and playing styles, but in the end talent wins out and LeBron reaches the finals a record 6th time straight. The Bull vs. Heat series will be the second best series to watch in the east, but I believe the Heat's championship pedigree and know how will lead to them outplaying and outcoaching a new bulls coach and a bit shifted bulls team. This conference could really go any way and I respect any argument for changes as I may change my postion on this weekly during the season. But here is why I put down what I put down. Warriors over Pelicans because they are simply a better team. Spurs over Rockets becaus


THE EASTERN CONFERENCE I expect the Eastern Conference to be more competitive this year, although there is still no denying who the front runner is…..the Cleveland Cavaliers. But there are a few intriguing teams that could challenge the Cav’s for the Conference title. Pat Riley has managed to quickly build a contender again and Chris Bosh is back healthy, this provides the most intriguing foe for LeBron James and if they heat in the playoffs there is plenty of back-story to provide motive. So let’s look at the east. 15 th Philadelphia 76ers 18-64 Nobody knows what Philly is doing accept Philly, and maybe they don’t even know. But it looks like they will continue to stack draft picks in hopes for the elusive big deal that will supposedly one day come. They have no marquee players besides two very young centers that have yet to prove anything. It’ll be another disaster year in Philadelphia. 14 th Brooklyn Nets 20-62 The Nets are financially handicap due to their GM’s


Friend request gets sent, Notification that you've been accepted, Now you have expectations, You're fantasies get projected. I say hello, you say hello, Do you know who I am? She says that she knows. So now you just flow, Conversation it flows, You start out a secret, A friend that nobody knows, But the situation grows, Cause feelings got sowed. Now each word can be a weapon, Be careful it might explode.  Cause life changes right by the second And now you feel some type of way, And emotions are running over, Cause you ain't get to speak that day, And they not inviting you over. And saying things like I miss you, Can easily become an issue, We're firing off the emotions, We use them just like a missile. And relationships can be a war, But we supposed to be fighting together. But we across the enemy lines, Guns pointed right at each other. Like damn, didn't we used to be something? I swear we used to be s


THE WESTERN CONFERENCE The Western Conference remains the star-studded dominate monster that it is becoming even more difficult to survive with the Spurs addition of LaMarcus Aldridge, the Clippers additions of Paul Pierce and Josh Smith, and even the Mavericks additions of Wesley Matthews and Derrick Williams. Either you make moves to get better in the west or find yourself circling the bottom of the conference. Being a west coast resident has never been better for NBA fans with every game sure to be exciting and meaningful. Here are my predictions for the Western Conference teams. 15 th : DENVER NUGGETS 15-67                 The loss of Ty Lawson to the Houston Rockets will hurt the Nuggets in the short run, but a team this bad isn’t playing the short game, their looking years down the road and seem committed to an all-out rebuilding. In a star studded conference they have no star. A beat up Danillo Gallinari, an unwanted Jameer Nelson, and a Kenneth Faried “manimal” who


Sleep less, work more, But work with a purpose what do you work for? No pain no gain, so let it hurt more. What is your vision of success what do you search for? They say life is short, but I say is life is long. Which puts an emphasis on decisions, and knowing right from wrong. Although the wrong decisions can teach you the right lesson. Cause learning from mistakes is always the right blessing. Beware of false prophets, those who are teaching lies, You need a teacher's heart and a student's eyes. So you can understand the question, but also have the answer, And walk what you talk and know what you stand for.... And just because they let you down don't mean you let up, And if the world knocks you down, then you just get up, Can't see the future looking at the ground so get your head up, And if the world pissing you off, good, let's get fed up. Cause when your back is up against the wall that's when you really see, What you are made of and


Standing there, the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen, and She walks right in, looking like a beauty queen..and I Am wondering, what your name is and who you are? Before I could ask, I see him standing from afar… My friends they tell me that that guy is your boyfriend. And so my daydreams they come crashing to an end, We say hello, and I even shake your hand We talk casually, and we even share a dance, but Then he comes over and tells you it’s time to leave And I feel your pain as your arm he squeezed And I can feel my chest as it gets harder to breath, Trying to figure out, how quickly she became a part of me And now I’m left standing wondering why, What should I do, should I even try? Should I let the chance for romance pass me by? I wanna grab your hand and look you in eye but.... She’s someone else’s girl, so she can’t be with me, She’s someone else’s girl, so all I can do is dream, She’s someone else’s girl, so it’s not me