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He posted in the group, "Are there any good black women left"? And they answered " hell yes, but all you niggas is deaf". It's like we screaming to be heard, but y'all don't ever listen.. No all y'all want is Jordan, you never checking for Pippen. Yeah maybe he not a star, but he be playing his role. He not selling a million shoes, but yet he's rich in his soul. You too caught up in Power, you fall in love with a Ghost, So when he disappear on you, so do your dreams and your hopes, And be like, y'all brothers ain't shit, ya' so quick, To slide up in every girl that be sweating your dick. With your Tinders, and Happn, all you do is swipe, Good girls get left, when them hoes get you right. And you right, them hoes is everywhere, they always there, But we talking about the good ones who act like they don't care. I mean we out here but when we text we can't get a reply, You too busy in the DM's of some terrib


She said you scared to fall in love you such a fucking coward, We been arguing on this phone for over a fucking hour. Shit I aint scared to love but I am scared to trust, Pull out of relationships like it's pussy and I'm scared to bust. I'm more comfortable being me, I ain't good being we. Go ahead with all that we, we, you speaking to French to me. She want poetry, she fiend for it like Jodeci, But I'm done writing love songs for broads who ain't in love with me. "Why you always falling for girls that won't fall"? "Giving all your love for no love at all". To you it's a good line to me it's good advice I'm trying to save myself from making the mistake twice. I wish I could have stayed in love when I was just a teen, Marry young and grow old life is but a dream. I hate when people say to me don't forget me when you blow up, If you wasn't there when I was flat broke don't fucking show up, Cause I&


So unless you live on Mars then you know Luke Cage dropped on Netflix... and although it's awesome... my friend and I had a few concerns and comments... so I present to you... the funniest conversation we have ever had. None of this is made up...copied straight from google chat. I warn you, the language is graphic and of bad taste.....hahahahaha. so i did some research on luke cage seems the netflix series took some liberties as hollywood usually does cause luke cage was a blood according to wikipedia lol Oh word...that shit is getting good tho U done with it? i have one episode left rosario dawson could have my babies though They took out my nigga Cotton mouth tho lol...nigga was a G yeah i like him wayyy better then diamondback that nigga talks way too much and he way to arrogant like somebody kill this nigga already please