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Here is something most women have probably looked past when trying to determine what place they took in a man’s life. Searching for clues and or answers to a very complicated question such as, “does he love me”, or “does he want to be with me”? Well there is one sure fire way of knowing that answer. Listen to the music.                         You see, every man at some point will create a playlist of music he deems worthy of your company. That playlist, while seemingly a small thing, has major implications to his opinion of you. But the best way for me to explain this by giving you examples from my own life. Of course for those of you who know me, I was once a great player, and what I’m sharing should be taken as facts.             Example # 1.   “You are a ho” If you walk into a guys apartment and any of the following is playing, than that guy thinks of you as a piece of ass. It is probably likely that before you guys got together he called his boys and said the foll

Multiple Personalities

MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES I have done some very extensive research on female personalities, and by extensive research, I mean dating tons and tons of very hot chicks….ok, a few fat girls too, but I was really drunk and they don’t count. But in this extensive research I have found that every girl has at least three personalities. That’s not to say they don’t have more, but there are your three basics that every girl has: The girl you meet, the girl you’re dating, and the girl on her period. Wait, before you get outraged, let me explain, and then get outraged. THE GIRL YOU MEET It’s a classic moment isn’t fellas? You’re going through your day, not even expecting to bump into the girl of your dreams. Then out of nowhere, there she is, Mrs. Right. She’s gorgeous, I mean everything a guy likes, amazing eyes, hair is flawless, perky wonderful breasts, a nice round ass, oh man, she is the one. The world slows down as you levitate towards her and introduce yourself. And wow, she loves everything


So here I am, standing at a crossroads that all men find themselves at some point in their life. In my right hand I hold a pair of clippers, Wahl, 26 piece adjustable clippers with 13 guide tips. It’s grooming time. What will no doubt end hauntingly bad starts with the upmost of good intentions. “Nobody wants an untidy man”, I say to myself. So it is only logical that I taper things a bit. No man in his right man would proceed with what is about to take place, but these actions are usually the reaction of one simple opinion. A woman’s opinion. So, let me preface this story.             I’m on a hot date with a very sexy young lady. Things are progressing in the sexual manner and it becomes clear to me that it’s about to go down. We get back to her place 2 hours later, (I’m lying), she climaxes four times (still lying) and we pass out on the bed. As we lay there in our sweaty nakedness she looks down at my man region, depleted from sexual warfare. She looks at it for a while and then s


As I sift through some old photos in my Facebook album I smile as I remember some of the more wild times in my life. How reckless I was, how crazy I could get, how unbelievably slutty I acted. I wondered what had led me to be that person.   Was it genetics? Was it my environment? Or was it simply the fact that I was a product of life itself.   I monitored the lives of others, friends, old girlfriends, and came up with a simple solution. It was my “Ho Phase”. The “Ho Phase”: A period of time in an individual’s life whether they be male or female when they experience an elevated lifestyle of sexual deviancy and a rambunctious hormonal outpouring resulting in a carefree adventure into promiscuity with an entourage usually consisting of drugs, alcohol, and bad decisions.   But why does this “Ho Phase” occur? For many different reasons my friend. But let’s break this down by gender. Men: Men by nature are horny creatures prone to spread their seed amongst the numbers of the fem


I’ve been wondering, wondering, wondering   just where you are Sitting in the grass, smoking on grass, looking up at the sky, wishing on a star I mean what is she like, what does she do, is her favorite color red, or maybe is it blue Does she listen to Jazz, can she sing the blues, can we harmonize, can she carry a tune I been wondering, just wondering, I mean where is she at, and how do we meet Are you at the mall, is it in the bar, or do I spot you in the crowd walking down the street? Sitting at home watching love stories, wondering what’s our love story And how I made you feel like, you aint never ever experienced real love before me Maybe we at the coffee shop, you sitting there with your laptop And I tell you a funny joke, and your laugh, it makes my heart stop And we sit and talk for hours, just sipping on our Latte’s And I’m noticing that your body,   about damn near hot as my coffee Better yet, it’s Barnes and Noble, and I’m sitting there reading m


For as long as men and women have walked the earth, I am sure the question has been floating around out there. Can I guy and a girl be strictly friends? I can’t count the amount of times I have argued with a girlfriend about her having guy friends and or vice versa. I have decided to share my “knowledge” with the world in hopes to enlighten those who need to know the truth on this topic. There are only 3 reasons a guy would be friends with a girl: (1) He wants to hit it. (2) He's gay (3) The homie clause. He wants to hit it: Women can be naive on a lot of things, none more so true than her guy “friend”. And don’t be swayed by the, “you don’t trust me” excuse fella’s. I trust the girl I’m dating, it’s the guy you can’t trust, and with good reason too. Guys are friends with girls because we want to have sex with you. Being your friend is simply an angle to use to get the panties. It was first used by a very desperate man who could not seem to get the girl he wanted, and then,