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Charles Hamilton said "there ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl" I guess that's true when all you know is Cookman girls And your body so southern, but your attitude north, And I'm living out west, she'll have me changing my course But of course, I try to play it cool to all the others Cause you know how it goes when you playing distant lovers I call her Miss five five, I call her Miss green eyes I call her Miss everything, everything but mine But all good in due time, I know that I'm due time And I know that she know that if I go I'm a do mine Daydreaming about her, oh what a beautiful life To get lost in them curls, oh what a beautiful night. Spend our summers in Brooklyn, and our winters in Venice LA sunshine, pouring right through are windows Walks through central park, skating Venice boardwalk Shopping in Soho, or Universal Citywalk Life is love, and love is a dream Ain't nothing like a Brooklyn girl, I hope you know what I

Grinds My Gears: The Office Edition

THE COUGHER: You're sitting at your desk...and it starts. Cough. Cough cough.....cough cough cough....ughhh get up and leave the area sir. But no. They sit there spreading their germs. Then they start hocking up loogies and flem. Why are you at work? I can't hear myself think. This is the same person who will always deny that they are sick. THE TOILET TALKER: I don't have conversations with other men while my dick is out sir. Stop asking me how my day is while we are peeing. Ya weirdo. And if there are three stalls in the bathroom and I am occupying the far left stall, you do not go middle, you go far right.....YOU GO FAR RIGHT. There must be a buffer! THE BREAK ROOM HOG: Every time I come in the in the kitchen....doing a bunch of nothing. Take your ass back to work! It's a break room, not a live in room. Why do you have five things of tupperware you need to heat up and they each take 5 minutes? There's only two microwaves and you hav

Bad Decisions and Good Times

It seems every bad decision I make is a good time Most hangovers are preceded by a good night Good conversations about the bad things on our mind Can't be a bad time if we doing it right, right? Is it that I'm just good at being bad, or bad at being good So successful at doing things, the things that I never should Gotta be fake with the good girls,  Expensive dinners and cheap conversation I'd rather kick it with a hood girl, Bottle of whiskey and watch Californication The good girls they never last long, Too busy chasing the ones that will kill me As if I'm addicted to the pain, So the ones that hurt me know the real me. I should tell her not to come here,  I should tell her that she has to go But I could never say no to her Problem is that's something we both know. She asked are you dating and I lied and said just a few girls Truth is they never even make it, cause none of them will be you girl I should probably stop being