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Being Morpheus

Seen a mother in the park, she’s playing with her son So many in the world, I wonder if he’s the one… I would gladly spend my life, just looking for the Neo Let me consult Oracle, looking for our hero. Just to be a part of the trinity, Teach him how to him fly, defeat all his enemies Put him through the courses; tell him to be cautious, Believe in yourself, and use all your forces. You know where the source is, head to the light And everything that’s wrong you can make right. Welcome to your life, now you really living, A child is reborn, new breath has been given. Is it hope, is it faith, or is it religion What makes us to believe that it can ever be different? This is my position, and this is where I stand City of Zion , last of the holy land. In a world of no heroes, and I think I know why, You see the hero never lives, the hero gotta die… And on the road to death, is hate and persecution, You get spit on and stoned on your way to execution