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Work and Play: Drawing the line at your office

Monday through Friday for 40 hours or more most of the corporate world are trapped in an office, at a desk, in a cubicle, working. During this time, it is very common to develop strong working relationships with the people you interact with on a daily basis. Often those working relationship can spill to life outside of the office, and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, one must be cautious of these interactions and follow some key rules.  "Never go full retard" - A quote from one of my favorite comedies, "Tropic Thunder"; Be yourself, but not so much of yourself you cross "politically correct" barriers. These can consist of telling racist jokes, being sexist, or inappropriate.  "Drink, but not to get Drunk" - If at an office it's okay to drink, but do so in moderation. A drunken fool is one thing, but a drunken fool who loses all of his peers respect, is entirely different. Being at office functions and letting loose of the r