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Grinds My Gears: The Gym Edition

                I love the gym. Besides the bonus of being healthy and taking care of my body, it’s a great place to let off some steam and think and be left to your-self. But sometimes it’s not that easy, due to the other people who are working out in the gym also. Here are a few examples of sh*t that just pisses me off.                 Super Loud Guy:                                 You know who you are. You loud and obnoxious bastard. Why does bench pressing have to sound like a blue whale giving birth to a sea lion? Shut the hell up and lift your weights.   And can’t you read? The sign says “Please do not drop weights”, but every time you finish a set of curls, you drop the weights as if you just shocked the world. Get a damn life.                 Naked Girl:                                 You came to the gym and spandex shorts with your ass out, and sports bra that couldn’t hold Kanye West from a rant and you have the nerve to look at me like, “what the f*c


                I recently turned 30 years old and have to admit. Some things have definitely changed that provide me with concrete evidence, I’m getting old. I mean, I don’t think 30 is “OLD”, but I could agree that is not exactly young.   But there’s certain things that are really noticeable that have changed in me.   For example. My buddies and I were bored on a Sunday evening after leaving a bar, we didn’t really know what to do next, but we weren’t ready to call it a night. “Let’s go to the strip club”, my friend suggested. Now I am not big on strip clubs. I just don’t get too excited about naked girls you can’t touch. But I went anyway.                 As we were seated by the hostess the place was scattered with what could only be described as scummy old dudes and some other sad people. We took a booth and ordered a bottle of champagne. Why? Hell if I know, one bottle with four people is like one glass a person. A perfectly idiotic waste of money if you ask me. Being