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All my exes love me.... at least that's what Bam thinks,
As we share drinks on a white beach in cool heat...
Shit, I love all my exes, that's even worse,
He feels like I'm blessed, I feel like I'm cursed.
"At least you got love, somebody who cares,
Who wants you to be there, who wants you to be theirs, I got nobody"
Yeah they want me, but only after the fact,
They went out into the world, and the world broke their back,
So now they come back, cause now they know better,
I was the one writing em' poetry and sweet letters,
And look where it got me, late nights in hotel lobbies,
This player shit gone on too long, this was suppose to be a hobby,
But probably, I'm in this shit for life,
While out running the town, I forgot to get a wife.
I was on a date recently with this girl that I met,
And she's telling me about her ex fiance'
Whom she thought that she would wed.
And how when he put the ring on her hand, that's when everything changed.
He started acted differently like he ain't see her the same.
The "smeagle" effect I responded, like he was lord of the rings,
She laughed at this thought, I guess she know what I mean.
But she told me now a days every man she meet got somebody who got somebody
We all just carrying baggage and bullshit, like we don't see any bodies.


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