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Stealth Mode

These days guys hide relationships like bad taxes,

Seems the only way to keep a relationship is to deny access,

We built a culture where it's normal to share your privacy

But some love is so good it's only for your eyes to see.

So go ahead and lie to me as if she not who you desiring

The best change happens in the dark where caterpillars be.

Come out a butterfly and just your spread your wings,

Reaching new heights with your wife to be..

Watching a whole generation suffer from being indecisive,

Too many options got you paralyzed on who to live your life with.

I don't even think it's natural for us to know all these people,

500 friends and you gotta pretend that each one is equal.

It doesn't work that way no it doesn't work,

Some people are you moon and the others your earth.

Some make you feel weightless like you can hardly breathe,

Some keep you grounded and give the nutrition that your body needs

The best love is the love that's been through some shit,

Like using manure to fertilize your relationship.

I cut off some friendships of people that I really liked,

It was never personal but personally I always liked to travel light.

I like to bask in the sun but not the spotlight,

And it's always too hot where you are it never feels right.

My favorite time of the day is around sunset,

Where it's not too bright outside before the sun rest.

Enough light to enjoy but not enough for them to spot me,

Seems like they finding love in stealth mode maybe I should copy?


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