My dreams are often rejected by my reality. Reality is the acceptance of the state you are in, but dreams are the possibility of what you can become. Life therefore, is and should be the pursuit of a dream.
Reality is the cause and effect of a dream deferred. The reality of a situation is only the mind accepting the failure of a dream. When one is told to face reality, in essence, he is told to abandon his dreams. We live in a world of reality. Only the brave dare to dream. Too many of us are stuck in the hell of life. Trapped by our realities and prohibited from our dreams.

Fear binds us to our reality. When fear tells us we need to pay our bills, reality is to get a job that pays, even if you have to abandon a dream. However, faith is the energy of dreams. Whether it be faith in ourselves, in God, or in others, faith inspires us to dream. Dreams are the thoughts of our subconscious, the mind that is trapped by our reality.
You dream of the stars, but your reality tells you that gravity will keep you down. Gravity represents the fear and doubt that exist in your mind. Too many of us are bound by the gravity of our own minds. Thus, we create our own atmosphere of thinking. There are few with the dedication and devotion to the dream that they refuse to let their reality be a gravitational pull on their lives, keeping them on the floor of mediocrity.

When your prayers and praises go up, how can they reach the heavens, when the gravity of your current situation, your reality, has them bound? They cannot break through the barrier of your negative ozone. We create an atmosphere that can make or break our world. One man may look into the sky and see the end of how far the world can go. Another looks and sees only the beginning of what the world has to offer.
Man decides on reality, but God gives dreams.  Dreams come when we are asleep because that is the only time that we are not so busy with our realities that we can see the dreams and vision that God has for our lives. Reality is only a measurement of your dreams. The greater your reality, the greater your dreams can be. When it is a reality for you to be a millionaire, only then can you truly dream of billions. However, most people are so bound by their reality until their dreams are forgotten. We live in a society without vision. Stuck in the day-to-day reality of life, how can the dreams come true?



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  2. Man this blog is so inspiring..what Ive realized and even I'm a victim of,is people are just fearful of failing just as must as success. "Journey of 1000 miles begins with one set." Keep blogging man !

  3. Appreciate your comment! Be blessed in all your endeavors sir.


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