Guys this may shock you, but it's 2015, and in this great time and age, you need to know to how to cook. Women have jobs now and their own lives, and I'm pretty sure they even get to vote now. So it's for us to step up our responsibilities as well. If living the single life has taught me anything over the years it's that women love a man that can cook, and so I've composed a list of five meals that every man needs to know how to prepare to keep his woman happy and or land a nice lady.


One of the first things I ever learned to make was breakfast. Mainly because once I was old enough, my mom didn't want to get up for me anymore. Thanks mom. Multiple reasons for having this skill, but the most obvious would be if you actually get a girl to sleep over, nothing says thank you for the sex better than a well cooked breakfast.


Now pasta is one of the easier things to make and it's the perfect thing to do when you have a last minute type of situation as it doesn't require much work. But a good pasta can go wrong with a bad choice of sauce. Don't be afraid of testing out several kinds here fellas. Also don't be afraid to add to it....if you know she likes sausage...give her sausage (Giggity). Pair a nice wine and get your Lady and the Tramp on. She's the Lady by the way, do not refer to her as a Tramp.


90% of food life is chicken. No escaping chicken, so it's best to become very good at making the stuff. I would recommend baking for the beginners. I've learned my lesson by trying to fry some chicken to impress my girlfriend. She wasn't impressed when I burned down my kitchen. True Story. Baking is the most fun to me due to the seasoning component of it all, there are so many ways to prep chicken that you can really get creative. Always test it out on your friends before you bring it into a romantic situation. But chicken should become your best go to weapon.

Say what Dave? A sandwich? Really? Yes, really. Just because you're a grown up doesn't mean sandwiches are any less delicious. A great sandwich can change your day. Especially if you are going for the gold and plan a nice picnic. You're at the park, beautiful day, she bites the sandwich and says "OMG, what's on this sandwich, it's delicious"? And you just look at her and say, "Can't tell you, it's my secret sauce". Which is probably a fancy mustard, but who cares, it's still good. As a man who appreciates a good sandwich, this is an under-rated tool my friends. (cough cough, Ashley).


You ain't know, now ya know. Ladies love chocolate. And nothing finishes up a nice meal like dessert. Nobody is expecting you to be a pastry chef, but with the help of Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker, every guy should be able to make a tray of brownies. But if you really wanna get the job done, make brownies together with your lady. You mixing up all that chocolate, it's getting on your fingers....do you wanna lick the bowl? No you can have the bowl. Oh, why don't lick the bowl together.....yassssss let's lick all the chocolate up and.....sorry sorry, got carried away. But you get me. Just don't get too carried away and forget the brownies are in the oven. Getting the smell of fire out your house is such a pain.

And there you have it, the ground work necessary to build your skills in the kitchen, but more importantly in life and love. Best of luck to you all, and my final note....always ALWAYS, know where your fire extinguisher is at in your house.



  1. Good food choices. I'd be impressed....... I'm sharing this with someone. Lol sandwiches!

  2. Good food choices. I'd be impressed....... I'm sharing this with someone. Lol sandwiches!


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