One of my new found loves' is being able to travel to places I've never been. The problem with that is that you fall in love with the places you go to, each in their own individual way. Beyond that, is the chance you fall for the people you meet as well. With the help of social media, it's far too easy to meet people all around the world, thus the dilemma. In this modern day and age, one can only observe life and come to a simple conclusion.......Love Travels.


Hot summers, and cool winters
The patio is fine with mine we out for dinner
The city of angels, with all the sinners
All the chicks is models they frames a little slimmer,
Please bring your frames the sun is steady shining
Please bring your gun my city forever grinding
We riding, going to see my favorite girl Venice
She's a little bit hipster, and a little bit of  a menace
But I love her though, and you should see her smile when the sun sets
She pass me a beer and say "are you having fun yet"
And then there's my other girl her name is Hollywood
She bad as hell but she always treats me good
Slim black dress and Stiletto pumps
She the type of girl who stay getting what she wants
And she party all night, yeah she bout that life
But she never settles down, can't make Hollywood to be your wife.
I love you LA and that you know,
And I'll be back home, but right now I gotta go.


She smiles I die, she smiles I die,
And I live just for her to smile, so the irony's in her eyes.
There's passion all in her thighs, there's truth all in her lies
So when she walks away, I smile as I cry.
She's a dancer, oh my goodness, yes she a dancer
If rhythm is the question, her hips gonna have the answer
She moves it, she grooves it, she knows that she seduces
You can try and fight it, but her body leaves you clueless
Nike tattoo on her ass, all you wanna do is just do it
And that's true shit, even though it might sound a little stupid.
But every time I find her, I swear your boy just lose it.
But every time we find us, she turn around and let loose of it.


She hail from the dirty south, but I met her out in Vegas
She was with somebody else, and I was all up on my latest
And they say that, love is blind, but I can see you
And although you came with him, I already you know you see too
Fast forward, now he gone and now I'm here
Playing your voice message, loving every word I hear
She sexy when she cuss, I love it when we fuss
She can dress it up real classy, but she still back of the bus
I like that, Californication on our mind
But I'm so Hank Moody, worried out that she may find
That I'm not man you hope I am, nor can I be
And I thought bout it constantly, but it's not me
See I have fears of being father, every since my father left
And history repeats itself, and that scares me half to death
Like what if it doesn't work, and it all just falls apart
Another man that walks out, kids thinking it's their fault
You tell me don't be scared,  I know this,
But I walk this road alone, sorry, gotta go Tish
ATL shorty, ATL shorty,
What more can I say, she kept it real for me


She say she tired of the cold, I say I can keep you warm
She afraid of getting old, but I tell her life goes on
She's always in the gym, but I know she need to be strong
Cause it takes a lot of strength,  when you know its time to move on
And we talk a lot, but it's all talk, my feet ready, we should both walk
But this L.A. that's New York, stupid heart what you good for
Why would you keep in touch, when you know you can't even touch her
Why even give a f*ck, when some other man could f*ck her,
So f*ck her, nah I can't do that, I'm already way too deep in
Plus she loyal, she the type of girl on who you can depend
L.A. girls so shallow, but her love is at the deep end
And it's dark over in them waters, I can't even really see in
Are you scared...... can you swim....... can you float
Cause baby girl fine as Aaliyah, but don't you rock that boat.

P.S. A lot of times I am asked about my poems and their closeness to being lyrical, that is mainly in part to the fact that music is very much a part of my process when writing. With this piece I was listening to the following instrumental of the song "My Mine" by Jhene Aiko.  Take a listen to the song and the beat and then read again....maybe even read it while listening to the instrumental, see if that changes your perspective :-)


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