I am so in love with this moment,
That I don't even have to speak
She laying right here on the sofa,
And I just sit here and watch her sleep.
Cause we ain't been together in a moment
No we haven't seen each other in some time...
But soon as she walk back into my arms...
I swear that everything is just fine....
I just let her sleep, here baby you can rest
I know the world is crazy, lay here on my chest
I know we not together, but together we the best.
I can give you nothing more, but I'll give you nothing less
I confess, the single life, can leave you lonely.
One night stands are fun but they also phony.
So hold me, hold me close, until you leave,
Off to another country, we loving over seas.
Or so it seems, but distance is still distance,
Can't live for tomorrow, capturing this instance
The thickness of her thighs, the curves of her waist,
The curls in her hair, the smile on her face.
What you dreaming of, is it me and you?
Somewhere on a beach, doing what lovers do?
Goosebumps on her shoulder,
She cold, let me cover you
There, now she comfortable,
She came here for love, and some comfort too.
It ain't the role you wanna play, but you've been cast.
And these moments never last but treat this moment like yo last.
How ironic when you staring at your future and your past,
She shifting in her sleep, now your hand is on her ass.
Remembering all her curves, you smile and crack a laugh
Flashes of the sex, and telling her she the best
The kisses they be so wet, the hickies on all yo neck.
The positions that you hit, the moaning, groaning, and sweat
The things you never forget.....these are things you never forget.
Strawberry bubble gum, she in my spaceship coupe,
Vision is 20/20 when you chilling with your boo.
And she lay there, wish she could stay there,
Swimming in her curls, wish you could play there...
You wanna wake her and tell her everything you think,
How you love her, and you miss her, and she's everything you need.
But this moment is too perfect, no need for you to speak
No words, just enjoy it, my angel, I let her sleep.


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