She told him that she don't give a f*ck no more,
And that she wasn't gonna let him come and f*ck no more.
He told her that he ain't give a f*ck no more,
Cause he had other girls he could go and f*ck for sure.
A sobering realization, although she knows it to be true,
Cause if you not gonna give it up, there's other girls that will do.
That seems to be the problem, the answers I don't got em',
He's addicted to pussy, he's got a f*cking problem.
Cause every since he was a younging,
That's what his homies taught him.
If that girl ain't giving it up,
Then she has a f*cking problem.
Can't stop him, he's on a mission to hit his numbers,
Little black book where he's keeping all his numbers.
And he keeps a head count of the head by the amount,
Staring at his list, yeah he feels so f*cking proud.
He has a f*cking problem, and that's the f*cking problem,
When you girls gon' wake up, cause only you can stop him.

She has a f*cking problem, she thinks pussy is the answer,
So when he tries to leave her, she plays his private dancer.
She controls him with her hips, she checks him her lips,
Commands him with her ass, demands him with her tits,
Using what you got, to get what you can get,
But here's the f*cking problem, all these other f*cking chicks
And they on the same shit, yeah they took the same class,
Pussy 101, how to keep a man with your ass,
But that will never last, cause he has a f*cking problem,
So he's on to the next girl, hoping that she can solve him.
Let me adjust the volume, cause I need the world to hear me,
Even though I can be a hypocrite, I mean these words sincerely,
Looking back at high school, thinking virgins wasn't cool
Now I look at that and realize,  I was the only fool.
I'm not married, but if I was I know it certainly,
That I would have wanted, to give her the purest me.
And now she'll be a number, even though last on my list,
She'll still know she's not the first, so many other girls exist.
He has a f*cking problem, and she's a f*cking problem,
When we all gonna wake up, cause only we can stop them. 


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