So I was at the bar the other night with a friend, and we started chatting to some girls. After about ten minutes I realized I had nothing left to say. Now this may be a normal thing for some, but not for me. I mean I have game, loads of game. But it's become increasingly obvious to me what the problem is....I don't really have TALK game any more. In this virtual world of die hard social media, I have developed a spectacular text and instant message repertoire. I can't remember the last conversation I have had with a woman on the phone after meeting her in person. From there it's usually straight to text until I see her again. And it got me thinking, what happen to the art of conversation?

A buddy of mine texts me all the time. "I'm getting mad text responses from girls". And I'm at home thinking, if text responses was pussy you'd be Wilt Chamberlain. We're a lazy ass society man, it's the whole "Netflix and Chill", generation. And don't get me wrong, Netflix and chill is an awesome night. But it's not a "date night", it's a "we are in a relationship night". Problem is guys think that it's the first step when it shouldn't be.

I was talking to my buddies early in the week asking how it was going with some girls we had just met over the weekend.

"So what's up with so and so, you ask her out".

"I mean, I invited her to the crib to come chill, but she talking bout' I gotta take her out first, I ain't trying to do all that".

"What the f#ck do you mean"?

But seriously, what is going on in their brain. What kind of chick who don't know you at all other then the 10 minutes you spent drunk at a bar getting their number is going to want to come over to your house and chill out the gate? A thot perhaps, but that's about it. I don't understand that type of thinking. I'm not saying take the chick to Ruth Chris Steakhouse on date one, but you have to get out of this mentality of a broad is supposed to just come right over when you ask. Unless you Chris Brown or something.

But hey, I'm just as much to blame. Hell I'm probably worse. I don't even obey the 3 day rule, you'll meet me on a Saturday night and the next time you hear from me will be next Saturday night when I text you, "you out"? Lol. I expect you to be on my schedule completely or I won't hit you up. I am the king of getting numbers and never calling and or texting. But that's just cause I have issues. But when I get back in the game, I hope I can muster up the courage to have an actual conversation. Of course girls these days will probably think you are a psycho if you call them. But I mean damn, we got all these free minutes now and now we too cool to call somebody. When minutes used to cost money and you called a girl during the day she knew she was important. Smart phones and internet changed the whole game. I mean damn, can we talk?


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